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Philips In-Ear Headphones

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Good for the price!


I was happy with the product that I got for the price I paid! I got them because the price was right, and I was satisfied with them. They worked well, they are not the most comfortable earphones I've had but they were fine, and also the do not do very good with blocking sound out, or letting people around you hear what you are listening to. but like I said it is a good product for the price! I would recommend these for someone who just needs a spare pair not recommend to use all the time ect. Sound Quality These earphones have good sound! Comfort not the best, most comfortable earphones, but they are ok for the price. Design They are very well designed! Durability they are fairly durable! I was satisfied with my purchase!



Great for the price!


I haven't bought new headphones for about 8 years, so I was looking to update my worn out pair. I bought these because of the price, but I have been pleasantly surprised. Maybe it is because I'm not used to Bose quality, but I find these headphones more than sufficient. The sound is clear and works great will all of my electronics!

Westfield, IN


Phillips In-Ear Headphones SHE2650


I always use in-ear headphones at work. These were on sale so I tried them. They sound great, but they are uncomfortable. I have had plenty of other in-ear headphones that fit right into your ear, but these are kind of big and make your ears hurt until you get use to them and even then they fall out all the time. Another thing I don't like is I only get sound out of one side. Maybe I need an adaptor to go with them. Phillips is a great brand but they need to make the ear bud a little smaller so your ear don't feel like it will fall off. These in-ear headphones also have extra bass for better listening. They come in a nice box with a convienient round case that are easy to carry with you and restore if need be. The price is average.

New London, NC


Philips In-Ear Headphones

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