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Philips In-Ear Headphones Music Colors (White)

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Great, durable ear buds!


Any ear buds I use have to be extremely durable -- they get bunched up and stuffed in my pocket, wrapped around my phone, and even tangled around my arm as I sleep. I've tried more popular brands like Skullcandy in the past, and was sorely disappointed with how quickly their ear buds break. The sound will no longer work in one ear, meaning the music cannot be fully enjoyed. However, Philips ear buds are amazing quality for a great price. One pair lasts me about a year, whereas I'd be lucky to have Skullcandy ear buds last for three months. My Philips ear buds are comfortable, easy to clean, and offer clear audio quality. I love them and have even purchased them as gifts for my friends, who think the ear buds are just as awesome as I do!


Orange County, CA


Small and easily accessible.


These Philips headphones provide the listener with clarity and excellent performance. These headphones are sleek and durable too. Sound Quality The overall sound is clear and crisp to the listener's ears. Comfort The headphones are small and easy to mount within the ear of the listener. Design These headphones have a basic design which I like because they are not overly bold. Durability These headphones are durable because there are not many parts and none are moving which make them last longer. The wired cord is not too long so it doesn't get snagged on items while in use.




Philips In-Ear Headphones Music Colors (White)

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