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Philips - HTS3555 Home Theatre System

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A good purchase, then.


I got this Philips - HTS3555 Home Theatre System a long time back, somewhere in 2008, I guess. I bought it for a sale price, had good reviews. A few of my friends already had it, so I knew what I am going to get buying this. Well, since I did not buy it for a full price as it was on sale, I was pretty happy with my purchase then. It came with a DVD player that was cool in itself. It worked pretty well. It is 1000-watt home theater system with Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound that I feel is enough to get that theater feel, more than that might be disturbing, both for myself and the neighbors. I do not think this product is available in the market anymore and I will recommend purchasing this product if someone is selling their own or if you are on a look out for a first time purchase. This is an okay home theater system that somewhat takes you there, definitely it was worth what it was priced at.



Good affordable home theater system


So I know this isn't some high fi, high end surround system and at this price you shouldn't be expecting the stars but I will tell you what you get. The sound quality is pretty amazing and there is a lot of sound you can expect come out of the 1000 Watts set up. It also comes with a 1080p upscaling dvd player which makes your old dvds look amazing on your high definition tv via a hdmi cable which is not included with the package. I just got one from amazon not too expensive. What I loved most about the system was the bass that it produced it does come with a subwoofer which works really well with the other speakers and gives you a true surround sound feeling. Another thing I loved about the set up was that you could hook up a usb drive to the receiver and watch movies straight out of a hard drive or a flash drive. This itself was pretty amazing for me so I could watch stuff from my computer transferred to a usb flash on my home theater system. I must say at this price point it is a great buy.

Miami, FL


Poor Quality.....1000 Watts Of Nothing


Extremely underpowered subwoofer, barely heard at all and when you do its not clean, sounds very distorted. Lack of clarity from the rest of the speakers. No speaker Controls to adjust for room size, +- to speakers. No control over the system, individual taste is non exsistent. The sound presets, Drama, Action etc.. are so similar there is hardly a defineable difference. None of the presets increases the subwoofer loudness to any acceptable degree, clarity or speaker clarity. There are many other systems that have less watts but have better clarity, better subwoofer, come with all the speaker controls and are equal to or cheaper in price. The Phillips HTS3555 is a poor quality system with no user control that I compare with some of the first bottom end systems that have ever come out.

Clayton, NY


Philips - HTS3555 Home Theatre System

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