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Philips - HTS3051B/F7 Theater System

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Good for smaller rooms


I purchased the Philips HTS3051B Theater System to enhance the viewing experience of my Vizio television. This isn't the greatest sound system or even the best I have in my house, but since it's in a smaller size room it's more than adequate. I purchased this system so I could hear frequencies below 50hz and to enhance sound above 85 hz. This system does a great job with sub-bass and it improves all human voice dialogue without constantly adjusting the settings. The Ipod dock is a nice added feature, but since I don't personally own one I have no use for it. The only draw back to this system is that I couldn't use it in a bigger room because it didn't sound good once it went past a certain volume. In order for me to use this system in a big room I had to increase the volume so much that sound started to distort, which made watching movies unbearable. I will stick with the Philips Theater System because it works well in a small room, but I wouldn't recommend it for a large living spaces.

Westchester, IL


purely awesome


i just got this for christmas , i had a older surround sound before this one and there is no compairison , i used a hdmi cable to hook the player up to the tv and even regular dvd's are so much clearer , the fact its a blu- ray player too is great . the sound is unbelievable , its like being in a movie theatre , its well wort the money , and has other great features like you can listen to the radio , play your mp3 player on it and load sd cards too. it was super easy to hook up. I was concerned because hooking up my xbox 360 and my direct tv box on my old one was complicated with it only having 1 aux input , but the philips  one was easy with 2 aux inputs and  it has quite a few different sound settings , i'd give it a 10 out of 10 easily

Edgewater, MD


Philips - HTS3051B/F7 Theater System

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