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DVD Player
Philips - DVD Player

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Philips DVD Player - More Bang for my Buck!


We needed a second DVD player for the bedroom, so we bought this unit on sale.  I  got a lot more than I bargained for, so to speak.  It is sleek, compact, and fits nicely in our enterainment center.  It has some great features. You can stop your DVD, or even take it out of the player.  When you turn it back on, the DVD will pick back up where it left off!  The remote control is easy to manage, although some of the buttons are coded strangely.  The Main Menu button does not say menu.  Play back is great, it rarely ever skips or freezes, something I have had a problem with in the past.  Once you figure out what the buttons on the remote control do, you can get around the main menu pretty quickly and easily.  Music playback is great.  For some reason I cannot get the machine to eject a DVD from the remote control.  My VCR also does this, so I guess it's not supposed to?  Anyway, for the price I paid, this DVD player is  wonderful.

Springfield, MA


dvp3140 dvd player is pretty good


We use this phillips dvp3140 dvd player for watching dvd movies at our humble abode.  It has many wonderful features such as slow motion, pause, and zoom functions.  It also has a menu button to set up controls .  It employs state of the art technology for pictures and sounds.  It is very reliable and has not have any breakdowns.  It is relatively inexpensive and it is very sleek and nice looking.  It has subtitles functions.  These are easy to use.  It is also easy to setup.  I can easily connect it to the TV jacks.  It comes with a small remote control unit.  It is easy to hold and convenient.  It has many easily accessible buttons.  I can easily control the dvd player with the remote control, this makes it nice so I don't have to go to the dvd player and hit the buttons manually.  The DVD player displays very crisp, clean and easy-going on the eyes pictures.  The sounds the are very clear.  

Solon, OH


Great player for decent price.


First I was a bit skeptical whether it could really play other formats... as I had a lot of divx  videos. To my surprise it played almost all. Now there is no need to painfully try to convert the video formats to dvd version. I can watch all of them burning into a single dvd. The player is light weight, although a little bit long. Unfortunately this dvd player is not region-free but you can find codes online to make it region-free for free. The only reason I do not give it 5 starts is because of the remote control because that is not too user friendly... you have to really learn to operate the remote but that is certainly not impossible. If you care to go through the manual then there are a lot more features to explore. One of the cheapest and the best dvd players I have got. Philips products are great quality. As always. Definitely recommend this one to friends.

Houston, TX


Philips - DVD Player

3.7 3