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Philips DC315/37 Speaker System for iPod/iPhone with LED Clock Radio

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Clock with iPod dock


Overall not a bad system, although the sound is the greatest at the higher volumes. The ability to adjust the time isn't as natural/easy as it should be. Since I could not find the manual I had to look online how to actually adjust the times for day lights savings - it should be easier to figure out... Sound Quality The sound quality is not the best. for example, the sound is distorted at the upper decibels. Also, the tone is slightly different than when an ipod is played through high quality speakers or headphones. Performance It does the job of playing music, and is good if you want something for background noise or to wake up to, but not much else. Battery Life I usually just leave this plugged in, but when the power goes out or I unplug it, it does keep the time accurate (it doesn't just reset to midnight like most digital clocks do). Durability I have had this for several years and it has held up well. Ease of Use Easy to figure out how to use the iPod dock, but, as mentioned earlier, the functions to set the time are not that intuitive.



iPod clock radio is a GREAT way to wake up!


The iPod clock radio makes it easy to wake up and go to work every morning!  My families life revolves around their iPhones, so there was no question when the alarm clock came out - we knew we all had to have it!  You can set your phone to wake up to a different favorite song every single morning.  The alarm clock also charges your phone, which is great so you don't have to worry about burning out your phones battery by falling asleep and leaving it charging all night.  This also helps with never missing a call, e-mail, or facebook update because the sound of the notification is amplified (this could be a good or bad thing for some people) which is a great thing for my family!  It also comes in very handy while cleaning up the house and wanting your favorite songs playing in the background.  It is very compact for travel, incase you are going to a friends house or to a hotel for work and want your music and alarm clock!

Troy, IL


Philips DC315/37 Speaker System for iPod/iPhone with LED Clock Radio

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