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Philips - Bdp7320 Blu-Ray Player

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Impressive Blu-ray player


I bought this Blu-ray player (Philips BDP7320) to my living room and I'm very pleased with it. My PS3 broke suddenly, so I needed to get a Blu-ray player fast because I watch a lot of movies every week. This is my first separate Blu-ray player and it's great. To begin with, I was truly impressed by the video quality and sharp images that this player produces. Firstly I played some good DVDs (Lord of the Rings Trilogy etc.) to look how the player upscales DVDs to 1080p. And to my eyes the final outcome was as good as PS3's awesome upscaling. Then I played some of my Blu-ray dics (Wall-E, Man on Fire, Black Hawk Down) and they looked wonderful. Of course they are reference quality discs, but for all that the image was stunning with this player. BDP7320's design is very stylish but still a bit dull-edged and conventional. You should be able to separate different models more clearly - now they're all like same black mass. This player comes with a traditional & solid remote control, 2GB SD card and the usual manuals and cables. You need to buy a HDMI cable separately; it's a shame that these players don't come with one, but that would increase the price of the player. On the whole, I recommend this player wholeheartedly. Menus are easy to flip through and I've had no problems with the player itself (no video jerking or stuff like that). Philips has produced a great player.


Atlanta, GA


Philips BDP7230 is an average player for good price


I picked up this player on a deal at a local electronics retailer.  I've owned it now for about 2 years and it's still alive and well.  My biggest gripe with the player is indeed the load time for inserting a DVD.  On average it might take about 15 to 20 seconds once you push the eject button for the tray to come out.  However, it does act much quicker if it's already been turned on and your simply changing discs.  So far, its played every standard definition and high definition blu-ray DVD that I've fed to it.  Also, music files have played without any issues whatsoever via my Onkyo receive which is connected via HDMI to the player.  One last positive about the device is that it runs pretty cool which was a defect with a previously purchased Samsung Blu-Ray player that I later returned.  This is very important if your putting the device inside an A/V rack which has limited cooling and/or fans.


Newark, DE


Philips - Bdp7320 Blu-Ray Player

4.0 2