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Philips Avent
Philips Avent iQ Bottle Warmer without Bottle

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Avent IQ is a Fast bottle warmer


This is my first bottle warmer: I used to put the frozen milk (i was breastfeeding) in a bowl of warm water. It's OK when you warm up 4 oz but it takes time and when you start solid food, it just doesn't work. This warmer calculates the time required for your milk/ baby food according to the ounces. It's fast (that's great when your baby is impatient and cannot even wait 2 minutes without fussing) It beeps when it's reasy and continues beeping until you remove the bottle.   Warning: use distilled water to increase the life of the warmer, tap water makes scale and overtime it damages the unit. It stopped working after 6 months and i called customer service and they sent me a brand new one without even a receipt. Great customer service !! I also works great for jarred baby food. I make my own and it defrosts, warms up the food to the perfect temperature. You don't have to buy the avent bottles to use it but it's better if your bottles are wide at the bottom since the basket is pretty big.


Los Angeles, CA


Philips Avent iQ Bottle Warmer without Bottle

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