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Plastic Baby Bottles
Philips Avent
SCF648/01, SCF649/01
Philips Avent Tempo Nurser Plastic Baby Bottles

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Best bottle ever


We loved the Avent Tempo bottles, especially when our baby girl was just born and I returned back to work, I nursed while I was home but pumped for her while at work; the regular bottles are great, too but these were great for Mimi's house or the babysitter, easy clean up, never a leak, just perfect all around; they are available in 4 oz or 8 oz and the liners come in each size as well, drop the liner in the bottle, fill the bottle shake and ready to go. When done feeding toss the liner wash teh rest and ready for the next feeding, everything is dishwasher and microwave safe, wich is a big plus, the bottles are durable even if droped over and over and over; the nipples are interchangable with teh regular avent bottles, however the screw top is unique to these bottles and can not be used on the pump or the regular bottles. Overall a great investment, we lvoed them adn would use them again in a heart beat if we would need bottles again.

Lakeland, FL


I highly recommend the Aven Tempo Nurser Baby Bottle


I highly recommend the Avent nurser baby bottles to all new mothers.  I bought this type of bottle to use with my first child five years ago and was pleased with the design.  The bottles come in four oz or eight ounce sizes and have a wide mouth, which makes cleaning a breeze.  They are also diswasher safe.  My daughter was able to switch from breastfeeding to bottlefeeding while using this bottle, which is a problem with other bottles on the market.  What happens is the baby can get milk more easily from the bottle and begins to reject the mothers breast.  This was not the case with the Avent nurser.  The nipple is shaped to mimmick a mothers breast and have different flow options as the baby grows and needs to take in more milk or formula at a easier rate.  I had another baby and bought the Avent brand because I had such a nice experience with them the first time.  Now, the Avent bottles are BPA free, a chemical that is used to make clear plastics and has been linked to behavioral and other disabling issues in tests.  The new bottles have a slightly yellow tint to them, because the BPA is used in the clear plastics.  I felt so comforted knowing my child was using a bottle that was comforting to him as well as one of the safest bottles on the market.  As your child begins to advance into drinking more milk or formula you can upgrade to the eight ounce bottle and buy the nipple for the next age bracket.  There are also "handles" that you can buy that attach to the base of the bottle opening, then you screw on the nipples as normal.  This allows the baby to pick up the bottle more easily and transition to a sippy cup. 

Fishers, IN


Philips Avent Tempo Nurser Plastic Baby Bottles

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