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Philips 46 in. LCD TV

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I love my Philips TV


My husband did lots of research before we bought our first flat screen TV. We had one of those huge big screen TVs that take up so much space (can't remember the brand) and after a year and a half the bulb went out. We found out it would cost almost as much to repair as to buy a new one, so we ended up with this one. I love it. The picture quality is outstanding. The sound - eh, not awesome but not bad either. I like that it swivels easily so you can turn it if you want. There is pixelation problems sometimes, but not so much as to be too much of a distraction. There's very little glare, which I've heard can be a problem with other TVs. But the best part is the ambilight- for us it was just a cool extra when we purchased it- but man does it make a difference! It really adds to your experience. We love watching movies with all the lights off, with the ambilight going. The colors behind the TV just really make the movies pop. You have to see it to understand. I don't know if we can go without now!

Louisville, KY


phillips 42pfl7432d good bang for the buck


I purchaed the phillips LCD TV after I compared it to several Plasma and LCD units at a local electronics retailer. It has a very crisp picture which is not effected by your viewing angle. The colors are rich and it looks even better when you are playing a blu-ray Disc. Setup was straight forward and a breeze. It included a wizard driven menu which give you either default or selections you can choose based on your prefrence. It has several HDMI connections, but did not include any cables (no biggie since the component I was connecting already had a cable. You can also connect via coax and or RCA. The one downside is the remote. While it is pretty straitforward to use, I notice that I have to be in direct sight of the monitor sensor in order to adjust audio or change channels. Also I think the built in speakers are okay, but external speakers will make a world of difference. This LCD also includes a built in pedestal, so you dont need to mount it to the wall. Overall a very good set which I would buy again.

Pleasanton, CA


A great TV for a great price


My husband bought this television for our family a few years ago, after a lot of deliberating and walking around every electronics store in the city to compare prices and models. Having both been brought up on older, smaller TVs all our lives, the transition to high-def, LCD TVs was great! This one allows my husband to get the full experience he likes when he does his gaming, and it allows us to watch the movies we love together. One really cool feature of this TV was the ambient light behind the TV. We didn't purchase the TV knowing about it, but once we had it, it really made for a neat viewing experience. We found this TV to be easy to set up, sturdy (we have moved twice now), and a lot of fun when we have friends over. The screen is a great size for Guitar Hero and other fun games. The 1080p screen offers the best in the whole high definition experience, and I like that the LCD doesn't leave you with a glare.

Oklahoma City, OK


Philips 46 in. LCD TV

4.0 3