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Philips - 37 Television

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Love It


It took me a month of searching to find this television. After the third review of it in the store and on the web checking reviews of several television, the Phillips was the one I selected. I am happy with my selection. Love the clarity of the picture, surround sound (its like I am in a theater), the swivel base to move it easily where ever I sit. The price was even better.


Sacramento, CA


Best of the Lot:


We have had two of this model LCD TV set for about two years.  We selected this brand based upon comparisons with other major-brand models.  All brands did well with good picture quality, but the Philips features added the extra value one of which is auto aspect ratio.  Once a program is selected from any source there is no need to fiddle with picture settings such as contrast, brightness, zoom, etc., to obtain a satisfactory display.  Setup is straight-forward and picture-source device interconnect is reasonably simple, no better or worse than any other brand. Picture quality from BlueRay discs is razor sharp utilising an HDMI interface.  Audio quality is quite satisfactory, but connection to a home theatre audio system is preferred..  DVD picture quality from a BlueRay/DVD player is nearly as good as BlueRay, and this machine resolution is only 720p. Picture quality from satellite TV broadcasts utilising a standard non-HD receiver/recorder is nearly as good as over-the-air HD broadcasts, a very crisp, clear display. All in all this TV set has provided very satisfactory performance.  We have no regrets whatsoever with the purchase.


Edgewater, FL


We love our new 42 inch Phillips flat screen TV so much we even


We love our new Phillips 42" flat sceen tv. It is not so big that it dominates the room, but big enough so that the high definition pictures are just gorgeous. The improvement in sound clarity over our old tv makes it much easier to hear important details in spoken messages.


Saratoga, CA


Philips - 37 Television

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