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Philips 32in. LCD TV

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won w/ lottery


love the size /set up to my viewing is great havn't need to clean screen just never put hands on picture no oils to collect dirt very happy to have this to watch my shows hope that anyone will be as special to not having to invest in something that won't last length it shoud last these are not cheap in no way get one for yourself need to make sure there are enough care given to what we have Picture Quality can set up to ones liking what a good picture can depend that all shows are enjoyed each day of the week see all my favorite programs for hours daytime still nice to view whats being watched Sound Quality sound is clear even turned up no need to turn the volume high only if you like volume counted by scale Durability just take care of your investment no bother to keep light dust from base do no block screen less theres nothing to watch specially if you have no cable the is a bumb not much to watch now will be ok for now Design great picture and clean looking if only i'd did not get this by lottery 4years about works just great doesn't look boxy at all area to keep the thing most viewable and put in the place you like to spend it Performance can depend it to give the best that phillips has to offer not my only brand phillips care for not to much in electronics what i have is just fine turn off when not in use love to just listen to musis once awhile

Saint Petersburg, FL


good deal for the price


I purchased this tv maybe a year or so ago and it has worked flawlessly. I have an xbox360, a super nintendo, a game cube, and a media player hooked up and the connections on the tv make it easy to set up and also to differntiate between devices when I'm selecting a source for the video. The sound is good for built in speakers, but if you are watching a high definition dvd you'll want to invest in a surround sound system. The remote for the tv is simple to use and the on screen setup if quick and painless. The buttons on the remote could be a bit bigger but, if you have big fingers, a universal remote works great. I bought a Philips universal remote and it does all the features on the standard remote and also controls all the other devices. I would recommend this tv to someone who is looking for quality and doesn't need a 47 inch tv to watch the news. It performs well with all the devices I've used with it and I'm sure anything else I come up with will work as well

Fontana, WI




We have only had this TV for three days. Purchased for the bedroom to replace a fifteen inch that was to small to read. While the set up was very easy, the picture quality isn't great. It is currently connected to a comcast converter box.We are going to try upgrading the coax cable to see is the picture improves.

Saint Paul, MN


good buy for the cost


We bought this tv as a new home tv.  I really like the tv.  I love the pic on it.  I was looking at getting another tv for the home, and we found this one and didnt have to spend alot of money.  I think that it is a great tv.  I find it easy to understand how to work.  I do have one thing I dont like with it.  It doesnt weigh alot which is good since I only weigh about 126, but that means that it is easier to knock over.  I have 5 kids and they are active.  They could easily knock it over and then it would break.  We had one before that did that. But it seems that this one is a bit more sturdy than the one I had before.  All in all I really like the TV

Terre Haute, IN


Philips 32in. LCD TV

3.8 4