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Philips 32" LCD TV

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Great TV!!! Phillips LCD TV


We had this tv until my husband wrecked it with the Wii remote.  It had a great picture and was just the right size for our entertainment center.  The only problem I had with it was that it took so long to turn on.  I think that is most LCD tvs but this one seemed to take quite a while.  Other than that I have no complaints and would recommend any Phillips product on the market!!


Biloxi, MS


My Philips HDTV has lasted two years so far!


I love this TV! I had a Sony before this one that this Philips replaced after only 3 years and 2 months out of warranty. The Sony folks would do nothing, not even honor their so-called warranty. When I had an issue with my Philips TV they sent someone out to fix it right away. Both were still under warranty. Anyway, I have been very happy with this TV. The picture is crisp, clean, and the colors are perfect. It still allows for a wide range of adjustments, preferences, and settings that are really easy to use even without consulting the manual. They take you step by step through the settings process and no matter where you live, or what kind of cable service you have, you get a perfect picture. I also love the ability to set the sound so that the loud commercials are the same sound level as the program you are watching. No more blasting commercials! It also has two HDMI outlets which, when connected to my home theater system and HD-DVR cable box, delivers an even better picture. You can even download updated software from the Philips website onto a jump drive and update the software in the TV. I'm not sure how this works, but if I can do it, anyone can! Great TV, excellent price, very satisfied. Sound Quality But I have the sound coming through my quadraphonic home theater system. Durability so far so good! Design Next TV I'll get a more compact design. This one has speakers on each side of the screen which is a waste of space for me.


Tampa, FL


Philips 32" LCD TV

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