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Philips - 32" HD LCD TV, Model# 27

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Great afforable TV from Philips


We received the Philips 32" TV as a gift, and we have loved it. I love the "smart" features, like syncing with our blu-ray player to switch to the right channel when I put in a movie for the kids (so I don't have to change the tv to the right channel) and how we can hook up our Wii or camcorder easily on the side of the tv. We also stream Netflix through the blu-ray player, and the quality/sound on the TV has been great. I actually prefer this TV over some of the larger, more advanced TV's---the images on the higher end models are almost two detailed and make movie/tv watching feel fake! I would recommend this product to anyone wanting a reliable, quality TV that easily interchanges between media types.

Warren, OH


best in puture quality, Highly recommended to buy


This is the best LCD television to buy.    This include three HDMI connections.  One of the HDMI connector is for a Computer.   Yes a computer.    This can be used for a Computer monitor.   I have hooked both desktop and laptop to this Television and the picture quality is excellant.  HDMI does not need extra cables for sound.  It is all build in.  Most of your DVD or blu ray players have the HDMI.    One cable and that is it.   There are any setting for this.  It come with the anolog and digital setting.  You do not need a converter box for this.

Yucca Valley, CA


Philips brand HD LCD TV's are great!


My Philips 32" HD LCD Television is very nice. The picture quality is very good and teh prices was very reasonable. I can connect my computer or laptop, I can use headphones, or even connect it to my home stereo system. It fits nicely into my entertainment center. The only negative point about it I would have to say are the built in speakers. They are not the greatest speakers or sound but since I have it connected to my home stereo system I will overlook that about this HD television. Overall I would give this TV an 8 out of 10.

Murrieta, CA


Philips - 32" HD LCD TV, Model# 27

4.3 3