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Philippe Richard
Philippe Richard Non-Stick Cookware

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Please Don't Waste Your Money Like I Did


I bought these in the 10 piece cookware set version by Philippe Richard. I followed all the directions and tips like seasoning the pans after taking them out of the box before use by applying cooking oil, using only plastic , wood or nylon utensils and no abrasive cleaning pads. Yet after around 6 months of use this cookware failed me and my food started sticking. Around 3 months after that this cookware started rusting and the non stick coating started coming off on my food as well as during clean up. Needless to say, they have been replaced and I only have 2 of the 10 piece set now. Doesn't Stick At new to a few months old they indeed don't stick , but after that the non stick coating starts coming off and defeats the purpose of having them. Heat Distribution I will say that they heat distribution was fine and that aspect worked out well. Ease of Handling The ease of handling was fine they are not that heavy. Ease of Cleaning These ease of cleaning them of food residue was great until food started to stick in them then the job became a chore. On another note, once the non stick coating starts to peel off it will also come off when you do clean up. Design The design is attractive and that's why I purchased them. The handles are well placed and secured to the pans and have an ergonomic design to them. Durability The durability is awful.




Like off a duck's back


I just love this cookware.  It has a nice gauge to it and the non-stick surface works very well.  The exterior is a pretty shiney silver.  It has glass lids that allow you to view your food cooking as well as a vent hole for the steam to escape.  I bought this cookware for my boyfriend for Christmas and afer cooking with it, I just had to have a set for myself.  So when it went on sale again, I bought a set for myself.


Harrisburg, PA


Phillipe Richard's cookware is the worst cookware ever!


I bought the Philippe Richard 16pc Stainless Steel Cookware Set from JCPenny. And I can assure you it's not stainless! after 2-3 times of using the non-stick coating came off and everything just rusted with one wash. Money down the drain.


Austin, TX


Philippe Richard Non-Stick Cookware

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