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Phazyme Ultra Strength Gas Relief, 180 mg, Softgels

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Great Digestion Aid


When my daughter was young she had colic, and our doctor recommended giving her simethicone. Years later when I had abdominal surgery, my surgeon also recommended I take Gas-X, and the main ingredient in Gas-X is simethicone. I now keep this medication in my home at all times. I even carry some of it in my purse. Being a thrifty shopper, I always compare ingredients, and if they are the same I make a purchase based on the price. Phazyme was on sale and I have been very happy with it, and it had higher amounts of simethicone as well! The product comes in the form of a pale orange colored softgel, which are small and easy to swallow. Each softgel contains 180 mg of simethicone, which is an anti-gas medicine. The manufacturer claims this medicine relieves gas, pressure, bloating and discomfort fast, within minutes it starts to work. I have found these claims to be absolutely true. I've been in agony with has pains, and 20 minutes after taking a Phazyme I feel normal again. These pills are worth their weight in gold, and I wouldn't be without them. They work and they work fast. They are fantastic. Effectiveness They work well and they work FAST Ease of Use Small and easy to swallow, and they are portable too Immediacy Great!

Eagle River, AK


Phazyme Ultra Strength Gas Relief, 180 mg, Softgels

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