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Pharos Science PDR200 4 in. Car GPS Receiver

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Nice for the money


We have not had any trouble with this GPS. Found it to work well on trips and around town. Also nice display.





I wanted to get a gps to help my mom find places since we both suck at finding places. First of all the number one thing a GPS needs to be is ACCURATE!!!!. This gps sucks. It takes a long while for the thing to find a signal. Which since i don't have any other gps yet. I cannot compare to others. However, once we used it the performance of directions sucked. We went to austin and it wanted us to go on a non exsitant loop. It didn;t help us at all find where to go. So maybe just outdated maps for a section of austin. No it didn;t end there when we used it in san antonio it was HORRIBLE. It would say something is coming up in so many feet but when we get there the places wasn;t anywhere close. We would be at XXX street but the gps would say we were at somewhre entirly different. That alone should be enough to not get this gps since really that is all a gps is for is getting you somewhere. Googglemaps or mapquest is what we had to use since this didn;t help at all. Another thing if the GPS actually worked with good directions it doesn;t have lanbe assit that tells you what lane you need to be in to get your turns. Which is key for my mom because she always seems to be in the wrong lane. When you turn the device on and go to enter the street sometimes I can be entering a street and then the type pad will just FREEZE the gps will just stop responding to input and doing anything. This means you have to shut the gps of and reboot and try to re enter the street adress and hope it doesn't freeze again!!!. when it does boot up after having to start it it makes a loud sound. If you aren't expecting it it will cause a person to react since it sort of is out of nowhere. Free GPS on cell phone have to be better then this device   Key points:Not accurate, freezes, avoid this and use anything even an old map before this thing!!!!

Schertz, TX


Pharos Science PDR200 4 in. Car GPS Receiver

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