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Pfaff Tiptronic Sewing Machine

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Pfaff Brother Elna Singer


I have  a Brother 4000D and it had a few gliches when I got it NEW took it to a couple dealers and finally it works like a charm LOVE IT.  I have a Elna Xquisit and it has never given me any problems it loves to do lace with mettalic threads awsome machine.  My Pfaff I have only had a couple months and am learning it.  I really like the size when embroidery unit is hooked up  I am in need of the cable hook up for it ,the one that came with it does not work.  I also have a Singer surger and it is old but great, better than any new one I have tried out.  And of course my Singer treadall that was my Grandmothers it still works great.  I LOVE all my machines and can't decide which one is best they all do different things for me  When it gets close to the holidays I usually have @ least 2 going @ the same time.  LOL

Colorado Springs, CO


pfaff 2040 sewing machine is wonderful and I couldn't do without


I have a pfaff 2040 sewing machine and love it. It's portable so I can carry it with me.  It sews some beautiful stitches with just a touch of a button. It's easy to thread. I've made quilts and lots of clothes for my grandchildren. We have another grandchild on the way so I'll be using it a lot. It's very easy to oil. I've had it for about 8 years now and it still sews wonderfully, it's in excellent condition. I have it serviced once a year. That's very important in keeping your sewing machine in good shape. It's very simple to thread the bobbin and I love the button hole attachment. It comes with many foots to help sew just the right thing, like zippers etc. It has a wonderful book to help you look up anything you need to know. I use it often as it comes in handy when I forget things.  It's not too heavy to carry either.  It has many decorate stitches too. I can't remember just how many but quite a lot. When not in use remember to keep it covered to help keep out the dust.  I just love my pfaff!

Conyers, GA


Pfaff Tiptronic Sewing Machine

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