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Pfaff Creative Sewing Machine

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Pfaff is one of the best brands!


My husband and mother went together for my Christmas gift a couple of years ago to get me a sewing machine.  I wanted a sewing machine, but wasn't sure which brand would be better.  After much research my Mom decided Pfaff was the way to go.  All of her research was correct!  I LOVE my machine.  It is very easy to use.  I can sew curtains, quilts or dresses for my daughter.  It is super simple to change needles and settings.  One of the most notable thing to mention about this machine is that changing the thread is quite uncomplicated.  It has a large variety of stitches and an easy guide right on the machine to help you figure out the proper stitch for the project you are working on.  I would highly recommend this sewing machine to anyone from beginner to expert.  Pfaff customer service is wonderful.  My alignment was off and they walked me through the process of getting everything back in line.

Pierre, SD


My Phaff is the one machine that I will continue to purchase


My Pfaff is about 13 years old so I needed to buy a new one I did not have as much money to spend so I had to go with a "white" sewing machine I did not do any research on this machine and I have to say I wished I had.  I had given my old pfaff to someone to use and after six months using the "white" machine I went back to my old Pfaff.  I use my machine every day I always have a project going on and my Pfaff always gets me through.  I have given my "white" to my eight year old granddaughter.  I started sewing when I was nine and my mother had an old Pfaff that had no plastic parts it was very heavy. My newer one is light weight and digital and after 13 years it still is running strong.  In the future as my home business grows  I will purchase Pfaff new or used.  I worked for a sewing machine company about twenty years ago and they mainly sold viking machines I feel that pfaff surpasses any other sewing machine    

Bremerton, WA


Love this machine!


So, I was gifted with a new Pfaff sewing machine. I do a pretty decent amount of sewing, and I always thought that I was just happy with my Viking machine. Once I got my hands on this Pfaff, though, I gotta say my mind was blown!! The action is so smooth and coftorble to work with. It does have way more stuff, though, than I will probably figure out how to use. It is a wee bit intimidating. Like I said, I'm still learning how to use this thing, but so far, it's a monster. I think I'm in love. I really can hardly imagine even going back to my Viking, or any of the machines I have used on the past. I really do feel like, once I get the hang og it, this machine will really open up my creativity quite a bit......... It's probably not something that I could ever afford to buy for my self, but after being given this machine as a gift, I think the gift was more than just a machine. It was me getting spoiled!

Yakima, WA


Pfaff Creative Sewing Machine

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