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Petsmart Puppy Training Classes

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i would want to get this today for free


i love puppies. my brother want one and i want to suprise him with a free puppy.


103 Dorothy St.




Waste of time and money. Went there because puppy pulled at leash trying to play with other dogs. No aggression what so ever. Paid for 6 classes. First one dog was totally distracted wanting to play with other puppies. Second, she was better,but still hyper. After half hour , instructor said to walk around store for the rest of hour, and she left for other duties.Came to 3rd class, instructor met us at door and said she didn t want our dog in class any more because she s disruptive. I canceled the credit card charge and won t do business there again.




We still have barking issues!


I took my puppy, a shih tzu, several months ago to my closet petsmart pet retailer for per training classes in Jackson, Mississippi. The trainers were very nice, kind, and sincere. It was very obvious just how much they care about the pets whom they come in contact with. The trainers were not as stern as I had hoped they would be, but were very explanatory and consistent in the sessions while in-store. They were also great about tips on crate training, tones and inflections, as well as what leashes, restraints, and collars to use on our god Sassy. What I did not like was that the trainers were a half hour late, and as we were paying for these sessions, on my husbands day off, it was a bit on the annoying side for me. When I am paying for classes I expect consistent professionalism from the people who are going to train my puppy! Beyond this, the cl;asses were very educational and helpful and I would attend them again!




A Great place to start!


I was very skeptical at the start. Having raisedmany well behaved dogs, I have neve before considered a training class. When we rescued our most recent puppy, I was speaking to one of the Pet smart employees and after a lot of thought (and doubts) we decided to sign up for the puppy class. Our puppy was the energetic, playful "class clown" as she would do anythiing for attention and hated having to wait for attention. If nothing else, I thought this class would get her some socialization with other dogs. I will definately say our instructor was very knowledgable and always willing to answer any questions or address any concerns professionally no matter what it was. She did have a lot of great tips about dealing with a variety of puppy related situations. We worked on things like leave it, sit, stay, leash walking and recall. The only part that was a bit difficult (particularly for puppies) was that we would practice walking around the store where there are SO many distractions. It did give the instructor time to give feedback and critique so we dealt with it. It was great that they had a separate area for the classes and they did allow for ply time at the end. Overall it was worth it for the basics.


Wantagh, NY


Petsmart Puppy Training Classes

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