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Petsafe Simply Clean Cat Automatic Litter Box PAL17 10786

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A great self-cleaning option


I have two cats and used to own a Littermaid self-cleaning litter box.  When it broke after only one year, I decided to go with a different brand.  I knew from the Littermaid that I really liked a self-cleaning litterbox and found it a great time saver.  After some research, I decided to give the Petsafe model a try.  It was very easy to assemble.  I really liked the fact that you could use ordinary grocery store plastic bags to catch the waste.  I had always hated the less than eco-friendly plastic boxes the Littermaid used.  The Petsafe model does a nice job of rotating and keeping the litter relatively clean.  It does have a tendency to leave small clumps of litter behind but it takes care of the majority of the litter.  The cats adjusted to the new box easily.  They do seem to make more of a mess kicking litter out of the box as they're clearing themselves a spot, perhaps because it's small than the Littermaid.  I solved this problem my surrounding the box, which sits under a table in my laundry room, with a curtain of a carpet remnant which at least keeps the kicked litter contained.  I like the safety factor that when the lid is removed, exposing the conveyor that hauls the litter into the box, the box shuts off.  This is important as the mother of two children.  I wouldn't want the risk of them getting their fingers into a moving conveyer.  I've had mine for about a year and so far, so good.  Since it was significantly less expensive than the Littermaid model and has lasted longer, I figure it's already proven to be a good choice.


Loveland, OH


Automatic Litter Box


I love this it worked perfect. I would consider anyone who has a cat to get this it worked perfectly. Its an Automatic Cat Litter Box the cats love it and the owners love it more. Its clean no mess no nothing. Like i said i love it i would have not have used anything other then the automatic cat litter box.


Saint Peters, MO


Petsafe Simply Clean Cat Automatic Litter Box PAL17 10786

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