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PetSafe PIF300 Instant Wireless Dog Fence

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Has shocked my dog without reason


his product can occassionally shock your dog unnecessarily. If you're Not watching, your dog may get electrocuted without you knowing. I've seen it, where the shocking lasted at least a minute. It's a terrible site to see your dog's muscles spasm and yelp the whole time.


Naperville, IL


Fairly inexpensive and portable way to corral mild mannereddogs


**We had a problem with the dogs getting out in the yard this stopped part of it. We have two dogs, a small terrier mix and a border collie. They hate being fenced in the back yard and the front yard isn't fenced and even if it was it would not hold the border collie. He climbed fences, dug holes and is always looking for a way to escape. After they both got out and got picked up by the city, costing us mucho bucks, we had to do something so I got the Petsafe instant wireless dog fence and an extra collar.  It was easy to set up, no digging, just hook it up, walk with the collar to set the radius, program to the right shock level and put it on the dog. It worked great on the little dog. She never leaves the yard. The only complaint I have is the batteries do not last long enough. ** ** ** **Now back to our problem dog, not so great. This system does not work on hyperactive border collies. I tried training him with it, like they suggested. Didn't work, I don't know if his hair gets in the way or he is just so hyper that he doesn't feel it. He would just bolt right through the shock area. It might hurt for a minute but then he was free.  He wound up on a chain. He can run the length of the yard but not escape to get hit or picked up. ** ** ****So if you are looking for a fairly inexpensive and portable way to handle mild mannered dogs, this is it. For a big dog or a hyper one, try something else. **


Houston, TX


This PetSafe wireless containment system works wonders!


After going to great lengths researching the various options for pet containment we decided to give this system a go.  We have been very impressed since day one.  The system was very easy to set up with the clear and easy to understand instructiuons.  Our dog was quick to grasp the concept with the included training flags.  We have praised and boasted about the system to all of our neighbors and 2 of them have bought the sysytem as well.  Both of which have been happy with the system.  I suppose one very minor complaint I do have is the battery life in the collar.  It doesn't seem to last very long.  However, it is very easy to change and readily available both online and various pet stores and tractor supply carries it also.  The nylon collar included wore out within the first 6 months or so but that was easily fixed by purchasing a new collar and drilling holes for the box to munt to.  This system has been amazing and appears to be of great quality.  Thank you PetSafe!


Goldsboro, NC


The best invisible barrier on the market


We have a rather energetic black lab that as a puppy loved to roam around the yard but could not be left unsupervised. Since we live on a busy road we knew we needed an invisible dog barrier (we had also just paved our driveway so the underground barrier was not an option). We purchased this product and our lab instantly took to the barrier. He only tried to cross it a couple of times. After that, he was fully trained. It's a great system that I would highly recommend to anyone with a dog who likes to roam. I would suggest however removing the batteries from the collar after the collar is removed. If not, it tends to drain the battery rather quickly. Just make sure the collar blinks once the battery is reinstalled. Two thumbs up!


Bangor, ME


PetSafe PIF300 Instant Wireless Dog Fence

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