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Pets Mart
Pets Mart Exquise Cat

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PetsMart Exquise Cat - A solid performer


I have been using several of the Petsmart scoopable cat litter varieties over the past couple of years. It has consistently performed well. I have a multi-cat household. Both the scented and unscented varieties are excellent in minimizing odors. As others have commented it can be a little dusty but I do not know any scoopable litter that is not dusty when first poured. It does clump hard even with several cats using the same pan and is easy to keep the box fresh with regular scooping and re-filling to replace the removed material. Price is economical for the quantity provided.

Plymouth, IN


PetsMart Equisite Cat Litter does the trick. No odorl.


I've purchased a few cat litters, but this one does the trick.  There is no smell.  Clumps very well and has no "smoky" residue.  My daughter complained that one kitty litter was "smoky" after the cat went in and started digging.  Price is reasonable.

Finksburg, MD


Not super impressed with scoopable litter


I stared using the scoopable product a couple of years ago since it was a cheap scoopable cat litter.  I've never been impressed with this as it is quite dusty and definately not a hard scooping litter.  Many a urine patty has fallen apart while being scooped as well as once placed in the trash.  Once it falls apart in trash you might as well throw the entire bag away as the area with the trash will become overwhelmed with ammonia fumes. 

Columbus, OH


Pets Mart Exquise Cat

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