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Peter Potty
Peter Potty Flushable Toddler Urinal for Boys

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Fun to use, makes potty training easier!


I love this product!  My little boy loves to stand and aim!  This is a way that he can stand and aim and then be rewarded!  It makes potty training easier because it is fun to use! I love that it can vary in height!  It can be used on the ground to for a short child or it can be used on the stand or wall for an older child! Cleaning is a little hard, once a week I throw it in the tub with some bleach and let it soak.  I love the water flow after the baby potty and I love that you only have to empty it a few times a day! 

San Antonio, TX


I was finally able to potty train my son with this potty!


My son was ready to potty train but he was unwilling to sit on a small potty trainer but also wasn't ready to try the regular toilet. In my quest to potty train my now 3 year old son, I bought the Peter Potty.  He was so excited to have his own potty and was excited about being allowed to flush it all on his own. The water compartment did need to be refilled several times throughout the day but it wasn't really an issue for me. I'd rather fill up water for the potty than change wet clothing.  The compartment that collected the urine definitely needed emptying at least 2 times a day. Maybe I just have a heavy wetter but it was my experience that if it overflowed it went all over the floor which was not very fun to cleanup.  It is very lightweight so I did have to remind my son not to push it backwards because I was afraid of it tipping over. I made sure to have it positioned so that a wall was behind it hoping it would lessen my chances of it falling over. This potty was a success for us. My son loved it and it gave him the confidence to use the "big" potty after only using this one for 1-2 months.

Pensacola, FL


makes them feel like big boys


I love the peter potty but it does have some negatives too.  My son did not like the toliet.  I think it was just too big and overwhelming for him.  We got him the peter potty and he instantly loved using it.  The top is easy to fill with water but it does not hold very much and has to be refilled often.  The tray at the bottom is very easy to remove and clean and replace.  I love that if it overflows it goes inside the potty and not on my bathroom floor.  When this happens i just throw it in the bathtub and rinse it out with some bleach.  this is a potty that takes a little work with refilling the water and since the tray is inside the potty it is hard to tell when it is full or getting full so you just have to be in the habit of emptying it on a regular schedule.  my son really felt like a big boy and it prepares him for trips in to public restrooms when he gets older.  It sits snug up against the wall and is out of the way.  would recommend!

Brush Creek, TN


Great for boys who dont SIT!!


Peter Potty Flushing Toddler UrinalNo steps, no stools, no sitting, no mess. The Peter Potty Flushing Toddler Urinal is designed to provide your little guy with a real "stand-up" experience that is proven to help him train up to six months faster than with an ordinary potty. A reservoir on top provides real water flushing with no plumbing required. * Flushable toddler urinal * Perfect for introducing your toddler to potty training, as well as providing toddlers who have mastered the skill a "mess-free" solution * Water comes from a small refillable reservoir; no plumbing required * With the push of a button, urinal flushes clean * Eliminates mess and cleanup from "bad aim" * Adjustable height to grow with your child * Wall or floor mount * Lightweight durable plastic is easy to clean * Eliminates the need to retrain your little guy to stand up * Develops early independence Shipping Weight (in pounds): my 3yr old is i wouldnt say potty training because he knows when to go and how and all of that however he doesnt like to sit on the potty at alll!!! he hates! it!! so we bought this from walmart and its GREAT! he goes running into the restroom on his own and goes then comes to get me after he washes his hands to tell me he is done that means he needs me to dump it! i would totally tell others and i have

Phoenix, AZ


not a good idea for boys


hi  first of all i don't think this type of thing urinal potty should be incurge to young boys its bad for their health thats where most men get there prostate problems from standing up urinating puts pressure on that area

Detroit, MI


Peter Potty Flushable Toddler Urinal for Boys

3.8 5