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PetSport Pop Open Mystery Triangle

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Great for All Ages


When I saw this I knew I just had to get it for my cats! They just love anything that they can crawl into. They have a very similar model house that is a cylinder instead and lined with fleece that they just love. I thought about getting the same one again, but decided to mix things up a bit and get this one. When I saw that it had a folding frame I was concerned that it might collapse on them if they got too wild in it but it has held up beautifully to their wild playing. It does fold up for storage but I've never actually folded it up and put it away since one of them always seems to be in it. As time has gone by they have played in it less and have started using it almost entirely as a tent to sleep in. They still use it daily though. I highly recommend this as a fun toy for kittens and young cats and as a little hideaway for older kitties to relax and nap in. It is well made and durable and lasts and lasts.

Vernon Rockville, CT


The cats loved this toy a little too much


I bought a PetSport Pop Open Mystery Triangle when my two oldest cats were kittens, so about 4 years ago. They loved this toy so much I went back out and bought two more for them. They went nuts for these, one would be inside it and the other would hop on top of it collapsing it on of the other and then run off and do it all over. (I always supervised them while they played with it so none of them would get hurt.) Since it was so light weight it would get pushed all around the room but the cats. My older cat love to sleep in it but it was rarely peacefully with the kittens around. I ended up having to takeaway two of their PetSport Pop Open Mystery Triangle because I noticed that the metal frame was tearing out of the bottom of one and was coming out of the other. I tried to repair it but because of the lightweight material the Pop Open Mystery Triangle is made out of the repairs never took and I ended up throwing them away.

Erie, PA


Good for already active cats who know toys.


I have two inquisitive cats who are both about 5 years old and need to stay active to stay healthy. Before this I had a tunnel that they both enjoyed so I got this triangle. They tore the feather pieces off of the thing inside right away, but it's not that difficult to place other things on the dropped down string.

Dekalb, IL


Caterific! They love it!


We got this Mystery Triangle by Petsport for our new cat and lo and behold our older ones love it too.  It is a toy that is easy to put up and no cons about it.  It is toy that goes from one end of our home to the other with them playing with it.  This is a must buy for those with cats. Thanks and our cats/kittens thank you. Zeke the cat

West Olive, MI


Great toy with a design flaw


I got this Mystery Triangle cat toy from a friend whose older cats just were not into it. However, I have several young cats and kittens who absolutely loved it from the moment I brought it home. They played with it so roughly by trying to attack each other from the inside or the outside as the case may be that the mesh had started to have holes in it which just made the game more fun. However, finally the thin metal hoops that make up the framework started to show through, and, upon further investigation, I found that one had acutally split and poked through the casing. This is very dangerous and sharp for any unsuspecting kitten who is playing tag around it. I had to throw this wonderful toy away. I would suggest to the manufacturers that, instead of metal hoops, they construct it with fiberglass or some other rigid plastic hoop that would achieve the same purpose without the potential for harm. And, owners who have this toy, inspect it often for sharp metal that might have split and worked its way through the casing, especially if your cats play with it as roughly as mine did. I will look for another one, or one like it, but you can bet I will be vigilant and inspect it often for potential dangers as any responsible ower would for ANY cat toy.

Pomona, CA


PetSport Pop Open Mystery Triangle

4.0 5