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PetSafe Big Dog Introductory Dog Training Collar

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Good collar - easily damaged


We got this collar to train our medium sized dog. We needed to get her attention as shouting, clicking, rewarding, leash jerking, etc... did not have any effect on her. We used this collar's shock feature fairly regularly for about 2-3 months. Then we switched over to using the warning beep. That got her attention. Next we switched to saying her name and showing her the remote, which also worked. Finally we were able to take it off in the house and only use it outdoors. Overall I think we used it for about two years and a little bit over the past year. My big complaint is that the antenna runs through the fabric of the collar. Our dog tried to get her collar off and chewed through the collar. Petsafe does not offer replacement units, so even though the electronic portion nwas operating perfectly fine, we would have had to buy an entirely new collar, just because she chewed through the fabric portion. In my opinion this makes it a poorly designed collar.


Brooklyn, IA


WOW THATS A LOW PRICE!-big dog traning collar:P


Wow i really think that dogs are completely amazing! I wish i could have a million of them! But we all know that they get a little rowdy! So that is why i am reviewing this Big Dog collar traning system. I am in love woth it and my dogs are trained perfecctly now! My newest dog, Nami, was very lovable and jumped all over me all the time! So i tryed the Big Dog Training Collar! Wow i have noticted a big improvement in her obediance! I love to take her out now and she is so polite to other people in the park! This product is great! I am very happy that i have purchased this dog training collar for big dogs. I am a pet owner and i have                                                                                                                       five dogs that are really big and they are so cute and they obey quite easiley! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!                                                                                                                   -love michaelaGURL


Richmond, IN


This helped my dog to be able to roam freely around the yard.


Anytime my dog was off his leash there was always the possiblity that he would run off. He would get interested in other dogs or cars..etc. With this collar it only took a couple to corrections with it was no longer a worry that he would run. You can easily adjust the strength of the correction that your dog gets. Anytime the collar is on now he is well behaved.


Wentzville, MO


PetSafe Big Dog Introductory Dog Training Collar

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