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PetSafe Big Dog Bark Collar

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never get this if you love your animal.


When I was reading up on this product, it said that it didn't hurt the dog what so ever. That is the only reason I tried it. The first time my dog barked he yelped so loud that it scared me. I took it off right away and got my money back. Im not going to hurt my dog just because he barks.



Works but only when it is on the dog


I was hesitant to buy this collar, because I read so many reviews saying that it is cruel. I agree, it is a bit cruel because it does hurt my dog sometimes. The intruction manual says to shave his hair near the neck so that the contact will be good. You also have to cut the collar to the proper size to fit on the dog's neck. The collar will work, because the shock scares the dog. If he keeps barking, the shock will get stronger. It usually stops my dog from barking, but if you take off the collar, he knows that nothing will happen when he barks. Now, get this, it says you can't leave the collar on 24-7, because the dog's neck can get singed. I never tried to leave it on too long, but you can get an idea that this shocks probably hurt! Not sure if I'd recommend it to a friend. I guess as a last resort, and that's why I bought it. I had no more options.

Sugar Land, TX


My dogs are like my children


This bark collar was horrible.  Even though it is affordable for what it does, I would never want another dog to wear it.  I put it on my dog for only ten minutes before he barked and the thing made him jump and begin whimpering.  As he was whimpering it was still shocking him.  He then wouldn't let me get close enough to remove it.  After I got it off he would not stop shaking and crying. Other than it hurting it was also difficult to get on and begin working.  We had to adjust and readjust it to finally get it to make any kind of connection.  This product was nothing like I thought it would be.  I thought it was not suppossed to hurt the dog but only startle him.  The final thing about this dog collar is the fact that it has six shock settings but they are controlled by how loudly the dog barks.  This is upsetting because my dog is one of those dogs with a very loud bark regardless of what is going on.  The collar must have been shocking him at full strength and there was no way for me to turn down the strength.

Bargersville, IN


i love dogz


i have three dogs and all my dogs are boy dogs and they bark all the time .if anybody wals by there always barking and barking u tell them to stop they dont listin they just keep barking and barking.we needed to do somthing about this problem because were we live people are always camplaining about the noise and the dogs barking so we had to do somthing fast before we get in trouble.so we looked around at the pet stores and saw this petsafe big dog bark collar we wernt sure if it would work but we said why not .so we purchased it and right when we got home we put it on the dogs to see if it would work.and we couldnt belive it it was working the dogs stoped barking people would walk by the house and no barkking it was awsome it was like bark free im so glade we found this if it wasnt for this petsafe big dog bark collar we would be in trouble and maybe kicked out because of all the barking our dogs were doing.

Oceanside, CA


crule to a dog


 it is giving a shock to the dogs neck when its only trying to talk would you want to be shocked when you talk?i think not so why should the dogs have to be? i tested it on my hand and it hurt like Hell.... i think this product should not be sold in stores. i dont see how this product is good for a dog, it hurts them and scares them. i wouldnt wont that for my dog, she would be scared to even try to ask for anything. i dont recomend this producted. if you dont belive me try it on your self. i'm to kidding this product hurts! i put it on my dog it she hated the thing, all i have to do is show her the collar and she makes a run for it! there is no way i would put her thought that ever again she is so scared of me just showing her the stupid thing. i would much rather hear her barking. Lol.. so if you love your pet you will not try this collar. you will be doing more harm then good to your animal. like i said, "try it for yourself if you dont belive me". 

Framingham, MA


The bark collar is crule because a dog is only trying to talk.


The bark collar is good i guess for training your dog but is crule because it is giving a shock to the dogs neck when its only trying to talk would you want to be shocked when you talk i think not so why should the dogs have to be?

Colorado Springs, CO


PetSafe Big Dog Bark Collar

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