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Pet Promise
Pet Promise Daily Health Natural Cat Food

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Wish I could find it!


Very hard to find this item. I have researched and read up on it and wanted to find it for my cat. No local grocery stores had it, nor local retailers. If anyone has found it in the RI area, please let me know. I love my pets and want the best food products for them so they live a long, healthy life. It would be worth it to invest in healthy foods for my animals. I am selective about my pets food and would be willing to pay a little more than average price if it meant that my cat would live a longer life with out disease, etc.

Providence, RI


No Byproducts!


This cat food is the best that I have found.  It is also the only food I will buy from now on.  Both my kitten and my adult cats love it.  One prefers the wet while the other only likes the dry, but they both run for breakfast and dinner.  I love that it has quality ingredients and no byproducts.  They both eat less because it is more filling, so really I am saving money now.  An added benefit, their litter box deposits are not quite as smelly as before and their coats are even shinier.  I am very pleased with this food.

Keystone Heights, FL


Totally healthy and the cat's love it.


I tried Pet Promise when I saw an ad touting 'no by-products"  I was looking for a safe and healthy dry food option for my cats.  Promise filled the bill and the cats just love the taste.  There is no offensive odor and I know it is healthy and does not use factory-farmed meat or poultry.  Worth the money... I just wish it was carried more widely

New York, NY


Pet Promise Daily Health Natural Cat Food

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