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Pet Head
Pet Head Dry Clean Waterless Spray Dry Pet Shampoo

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Pet Head dry shampoo for dogs!?


Since my dog has gotten older she hates getting in the bath more and more. Since she's old I don't want to stress her out too badly but she gets kinda stinky in between baths so I was very excited to find Pet Head dry clean waterless spray dry pet shampoo! I spray this all over her, she's a medium sized border collie mix! It works really well on her longer thick fur and it really helps keep her fur cleaner in between baths and she no longer gets stinky in between bathing! My dog also does not mind getting sprayed down like she does with water. I think she kinda enjoys it actually, she doesn't try to run when I start spraying! It gets her fur really soft and fluffy and doesn't leave any residue or irritate her skin. I would highly recommend this doggy dry shampoo to all dog owners no matter what the breed! It has definitely made my life a whole lot easier and it saves my back from having to lift a 50 pound dog in and out of the tub during the winter months when it's too cold to bathe her outside.



Good for dogs that fear baths.


My Maltese is a scaredy cat and she is absolutely terrified of bath time. When she hears the water running she will literally run under the piano and start shaking. When I got her in the tub she would just sit there giving me the saddest puppy dog eyes and start whimpering. I started to feel really bad for her after she didn't get use bath time even after I bathed her five times. I started to look for bath time alternatives and found this dry shampoo product. The idea of dry shampoo working on your dog is kind of weird because dry shampoos don't exactly even work perfectly for human beings. I picked this up anyway and tried it on my baby girl. She definitely was more tolerant of this spray bath instead of a running water bath. I guess it worked pretty well for a waterless shampoo, but it did leave a little bit of a residue behind. Maybe I needed to brush her coat out more, but overall I am satisfied with this product. It's okay to use to extend the time between baths, but I think I need to look for better alternatives.



Pet Head Dry Clean Waterless Spray Dry Pet Shampoo

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