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Pet Agree (Kii Enterprises)

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Worked for my little yappy dogs!


This is honestly some of the best money I have ever spent! I have had issues with my Chihuahua and Pug for the past 6 years. The incessant barking drove me absolutely insane. Anyone walking past our house...my dogs were barking, anyone knocks at our door...my dogs were barking, anyone makes a sudden noise...my dogs were barking. It was to the point where I felt completely hopeless and really started to hate my dogs. We tried everything and nothing we could do would stop them. It was so frusterating! Then I came upon this and I actually hestitated for months to buy it. I had it in my "cart" but didn't purchase it until I was finally at a breaking point and ready to give my dogs away. As soon as the first bark comes out of their mouths I grab the Pet Agree and say a firm NO, with a quick click of the button...and oh yes, they hear it! Again...they bark and I immediately follow it with a firm NO and a click. My dogs are stubborn so if they're really excited it typically takes a couple times to get them to stop. But it is way better than listening to the shrill bark of a chihuahua for 15 minutes straight. Sometimes I don't even have to click, they now know what it is and they will just look at me picking it up and stop barking. They are getting better every day and there are days that go by that we don't need to use it at all. I can honestly say life is better since I bought this product!!!!!! Thank you Pet Agree!!!

Monroe, WI


Pet Agree (Kii Enterprises)

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