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Volumizing Shampoo
Pert Plus
Pert Plus Thick and Full Shampoo

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Good shampoo for the price!


I think it will depend on who you talk to in my household, on the opinion that you'll get about Pert shampoo. With that being said, I am the momma with long, VERY thick hair!! We got a super good deal on Pert shampoo about a year ago and so we stocked. Up until a few weeks ago when I switched to Finesse, I was still using the Pert shampoo. I do not like all the varities, but I did really like the "thick and full" version. My husband and children don't mind using all the other varities, but I found that the "thick and full" kind was the only one that could do a good enough job on my hair. I still had to use a good conditioner with this, but it worked fine. It smells good, although not as good as some shampoos. I'm sure it gets your hair clean and helps with knots and things like that. It does foam up fairly well. The main reason I switched shampoos is because I can use much less of Finesse then I do of Pert.

Shermans Dale, PA


Pert's your 2-in-1 shampoo!


My family has used Pert for years and I've even tried pulling a fast one on my husband by buying the "off brand" and I always get caught because it doesn't have the soft, convenient feature of shampoo and conditioner all in one step!

Byron Center, MI


Pert Plus Thick 'n Full Shampoo


I have fine oily hair. I bought Pert Plus Thick 'n Full Shampoo with Conditioner. I like this shampoo, it make my hair soft and not heavy feeling. This shampoo has eucalyptus and rosemary in it to help stimulate the scalp and repair hair. Pert Plus is more money then i like to spend but i like how it works on my hair.

Alma, MI


Pert Plus Thick and Full Shampoo really lives up to it's name


I have tried lots of different shampoos and most are the same.  I needed something to make my thin hair thicker and fuller and I found Pert Plus Thick and Full really makes my hair thicker and fuller.  It has a pleasant scent, not overwhelming like most.  I also like the fact that it is a shampoo plus conditioner.  It saves me money and time shopping for just one item.  I will continue to purchase Pert Plus Thick and Full shampoo to save me money and time.

Fenton, MO


Pert Plus Thick and Full Shampoo

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