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Pert Plus
Pert Plus Simply Fresh Medium Conditioning

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Just like the fancy brands, only not a fancy price!


Pert Plus Simply Fresh Medium Conditioning is the perfect Monday morning Shampoo.  When you can barely get out of bed, and you know you have to make that long drive into work, and you know you have that Monday morning meeting first thing with your boss.  THIS is what you need to use.  This stuff really energizes your scalp, you feeling it tingling and alive.  The scent spreads out thought the shower and starts to wake you all up.  I'm telling you, this stuff is better than coffee for first thing in the morning.  It makes you come alive!  I continue to smell nice and minty fresh on my way into work, so it sort of re-inforces the energizing feeling.  As far as how it works as a shampoo/condiitoner - works the same way as all Pert products.  All in one, so no wasted time in the shower.  It makes a great lather, and really works in your hair and scalp.  You really gotta try this stuff to get you going!

Saint Simons Island, GA


Pert Plus Fresh is fantastic!


I use Pert Plus mostly. It's not too expensive first of all. And I prefer two-in-one shampoo/ conditioners because using separate conditioner makes my hair become greasy much more quickly than it already does. This shampoo is great because it makes my hair feel so clean and leaves no residue at all. LOVE IT! And I don't have too much frizz (I have curly hair). I also like the freshness of the scent It can sometimes be overpowering, as if toothpaste fumes are getting in my eyes. But it definately makes me more alert and I just feel like it adds to making my hair feel cleaner. So it's not just the smell, it's invigorating. It's good for morning showers especially. The price is very fair. I like to get this in bulk from a wholesale club because I know for sure that I'll always use it. Sometimes I stray and get a fruity fancy shampoo, but I always come back to Pert Plus when the others start leaving residue or don't give me a really clean feeling.

Olean, NY


Pert Plus Simply Fresh is great for hair and refreshing as well!


Pert Plus Simply Fresh is one of the best shampoos out there! I recommend it to everyone. Not only does my hair look so shiny and beautiful, but my head gets so refreshing. Whenever I wash my hair with this outstanding product, I feel alive and I am ready to start off my day. To me, this shampoo is just like drinking coffee and starting off my day at work. Whenever I have a headache, I immediately wash my hair with Pert Plus Simply Fresh, and it always tends to go away which is great! I dare everyone to go and buy this and watch you feel the same as me. This product is something I feel as though I can't live without seriously. Try it and you will be impressed!

Hillside, NJ


Pert Plus Simply Fresh Medium Conditioning Shampoo is nice!


Pert Plus Simply Fresh Medium Conditioning shampoo and conditioner is a very interesting shampoo.  I say that because this is the only shampoo that I have ever used that has invigorating menthol in it.  Yes, I said it, it has invigorating menthol in it.  That is the best thing I like about this because it wakes up my hair and my scalp with a tingling and massaging feeling.  This is a shampoo and conditioner in one and it is great for hair that needs medium conditioning.  It is pH balanced and it will even work on color-treated hair.  Whether you have color treated hair or not, this shampoo will do an okay job.    I love the way this shampoo lathers and the smell of this shampoo because of its menthol, it's absolutely energizing.  The only reason I gave this product 3 stars, is because it doesn't work as well as other shampoos do on my hair.  I love the "neon green color and the big writing" in which this shampoo conditioner comes in, as it makes this shampoo an eye-catcher in stores.   The best thing about this product is the price.  You can get an outrageously good deal on this shampoo, especially if you have a coupon, so give it a try.

Stockton, CA


Pert Plus Simply Fresh Medium Conditioning

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