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Shampoo for Men
Pert Plus
Pert Plus Daily Dandruff for Men

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Pert Plus Dandruff Shampoo for Men is my husbands favorite.


     My husband is a big fan of Pert Plus for Men Daily dandruff 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner.   This shampoo is gentle enough to use daily buy strong enough to clean his hair and control any flakes that try to pop up.  He also like the convenience of not having to shampoo and condition in 2 separate steps to keep his hair looking great.      The scent was very masculan without being overbaring as some other shampoos can be.  It is a light pleasant scent that does last throughout the day.       This shampoo  is in the dark green bottle comes in the 12 oz size and is very reasonably priced.  It doesn't go on sale often but is readily available at most superstores.  I am not usually brand loyal but do buy this whenever he runs out as it does a great job on his hair and he does like it very much.      I would recommend this product highly and can also tell you to try the other formulas made for a man or a woman because they all work well.

Ocala, FL


Pert Plus Daily Dandruff for Men

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