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Personna Personna M5 Magnum Razor

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Personna M5 Magnum 5 Blade Shaver with Trimmer is One To Avoid


I don't like the Personna M5 Magnum 5 Blade Shaver with Trimmer and I'll tell you why. The name takes forever to type. Also, the engineers at Personna who designed this sucker made one fatal mistake. They put the blades too close together. Works well if you keep yourself clean-shaven, but miss a day or two and let your stubble get a little long and this razor will clog up on you. And once that happens it is almost impossible to clean. Whiskers stick to the blades of this thing like they were glued on. You might as well just go ahead and change the blade. That's not a problem, because the engineers got that part right. Just push a button, pop the old blade off, and lock a new one in place. Very nice. This razor does give you a close shave, the head pivots easily to get at all parts of your face, and the trimmer comes in handy for sideburns and the like. The handle is also well-made, non-slip, and easy to grasp. Very inexpensive, but sometimes you get what you pay for. Me, I'll look elsewhere for a razor that can shave me clean for every day use, but can also do the job after coming home from a couple of days in the bush.

New Lisbon, WI


M5 Magnum. Better razor at a far better price!


I am often given sample products to review and rate from a survey company. Such was the case with the M5 Magnum razor and the Gillette Fusion. I was sent both products to try for a set number of days each. First, let me explain that I hate shaving and that 5 blades in a razor was nothing but overkill, something that wouldn't actually work any better than a 2 or 3 blade. It was simply a way of adding cost to a product. I was sincerely wrong! After trying both I found that I really loved the concept and that they actually did work better. My room mate and I both tried each razor and came to the same conclusion; the M5 Magnum razor was far better. The Fusion, although fairly good quality overall, was very difficult to rinse clean and didn't actually shave closer without quite a bit of effort. On the other hand, the M5 has a more open design that allows for much easier rinsing and shaved very close quite easily. Both had similar small problems. Both razor heads will fall off if aggressively knocked against the side of the sink to clean them and are generally un-repairable afterward. Also, the soapy strips will come off both after numerous uses. As a point of interest, the M5 Magnum actually has six blades, the sixth being a shielded, trimmer blade on the top of the razor. It works fairly well for sideburns and trimming around my constantly shrinking "soul" patch. I would probably use it more if I still had my van Dyke style beard. Unfortunately, that was difficult to shave around and shrank to the point that I finally just removed it completely. Considering everything, the M5 experience is far superior to the Fusion at about half the cost. Imagine how happy I was when I found them labeled as Personal Expressions (an HEB generic label) M5 Magnum at my local HEB grocery. I was even happier when I saw the price of the razor and refills was roughly half the cost of the Fusion, and I already knew it was a better product. Don't believe me? Try it yourself. This razor has actually made me hate shaving a little less than before.

Corpus Christi, TX


Wish I'd known about it sooner!


My boyfriend was using a Schick Quattro and I was using a pack of cheap disposable razors because I'd gotten tired of paying for the expensive refills for my Gillette Venus razor. When I came across a great coupon for the M5 Magnum plus two cartidges, I figured it was worth a try. This razor performed every bit as well as his Quattro, and as good or better than most of the women's razors that I've tried. The 5 blades really do go a long way to prevent cuts and razor burn. I can't say much about the trimmer, as neither of us use it. My boyfriend and I now share this razor so that we only have to buy one type of refill cartridges. A pack of 4 refills cost about half the price of those for the Schick Quattro. I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of this razor, especially considering it's an "off" brand. For the price, you really can't beat this thing. I only wish I'd known about it while I was throwing away money on all those expensive name brand refills.

York, PA


Personna Personna M5 Magnum Razor

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