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Personal Express Insurance isThe best helpful insurance carrier


I was wrong when I wrote the insurance carrier we had moved to.It was personal express insurance locally based in our town.We were with allstate for over 30 or more years.Not once did we get any discounts or savings.All the family had good driving records no accidents,a clean slate,sort of speak.We thought after all these years we would get some kind of discount.Don't hold your breathe to long! anyway now there was this advertizement Allstate will pay you a bonus check for $$$ dollars for good ratings over 6 months/they must have been sending our checks to another state.We never received not-a thing.So we switched to Personal Express Insurance.This is the best ever insurance we got the same coverage as we did with Allstate,and then some.All I can say is shop around don't just grab the first thing that comes around. Customer Service good customer service they are right there when you need them,they are very helpful Available Plans anything you need they'll give you a quote

Bakersfield, CA



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