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Casserole Pan
Personal Creations
Personal Creations Personalized Kitchen Casserole Dish

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Super Great Gift!


After seeing the review for this I bought a couple as gifts. The people who I gave them to were so excited! Getting a personalized gift seems extra special, to me anyways. Like the person who gave it took extra time and consideration. The ordering process was simple. Very straight forward and easy to understand. When they arrived, I had to check them out to make sure the personalizations had come out correctly. Everything was perfect, exactly the way I ordered it. The writing looks nice and durable, so hopefully it will last as long as the sturdy stoneware dish! Performance Since gifting these dishes I've gotten fantastic feedback. I was lucky enough to eat a casserole baked in the one I gave my brother in law. He does all the cooking in their household, so I thought a personalized dish would be great for him. The meal turned out yummy! Ease of Cleaning I paid close attention to the amount of cooked on food left behind and there was practically none! Design These are really cute baking dishes. They're deep enough to hold lots of food. The dinner we had out of one fed 4 adults and 6 kids. There were other side dishes as well, and the kids included a few toddlers so their portions were considerably smaller, but I still think the amount was impressive!

Southfield, MI


Personal Creations Personalized Kitchen Casserole Dish

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