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Personal Care Anti-Wrinkle Skin Cream

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It gets the job done affordably


Although I dont have much expieriance with other products in this catagory to compare to. I do feel it does what it should. After useing this product for almost a year, I do see and feel an improvment in my skin. It takes care of all the basics, such as; decreasing and fighting off wrinkles, softening and toneing, and hydrating my face. It also adds a nice glow without being too oily. I would recommend this product to those who cant afford the name brands, because something is better than nothing. It has a nice soft scent, and it leaves my face feeling lifted and refreshed for the most part. I get it for a low price which is a key element for me. I would like to try other more expensive products, but the money seems to get tighter and tighter. I am thankful to have this cream rather than none at all. As long as I continue to use something I should be safe from dry retched skin. I hope this review was helpful.


Crescent City, CA


Personal Care Anti-Wrinkle Skin Cream

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