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Perrier Lime
Perrier Lime - Sparkling Natural Mineral Water

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Perrier Lime Sparkling Natural Mineral Water Review


I've always been a fan of Perrier sparkling mineral water. The flavor I always bought was lemon (which I love) but I decided to be adventurous and try the lime flavor. While it is definitely drinkable it does not compare to the lemon flavor. There is still the Perrier quality sparkling mineral water in the bottle but the flavor isn't up to par with what I am used to getting from the brand "Perrier". The lime flavor tastes artificial unlike the lemon which tastes refreshing. I think if you are looking for a lime flavored water you are just better off buying an actual lime, cutting it and sticking it into unflavored sparkling mineral water.

Miami, FL


High quality water


I love sparkling water, "bubble water," as I call it. I like this extra tinkling sensation dancing on my tougne. This is by far the best sparkling water for the money. I have more than one everyday (thanks in part to my company's generous beverage assortments). It provides some satisfaction of a soda without the guilt associated with sugar that contained in most soda. The "bubble" is just right, not too much or too little. Some sparkling water tend to "flat" out relatively quick. Not this one. It stays for about 2 to 3 hours. However, on occasion, I do get a bottle or two that are actually flat to begin with. The taste of lime is actually subtle, not articificial. Just the way I like it. Some other brands have too much lime taste.

Pomona, CA


Perrier it's ok


I can remember watching televisions shows where someone in a resteraunt would ask for Pierer water. I thought it was something exquisite that was imported from France. A few years ago I noticed Perier water sitting on the shelf along with other bottled waters. And I decided to find out what all the fuss was about. I found the water was not the big bang I was expecting. It has a good taste but I do not see much difference in Perrier and other sparkling waters. Update: I am still drinking Perrier water. Perhaps it is the bottle that attracks me. I am not sure but I find it does decrease my appetitie for a while. And I feel full after drinking it. The sparkling flavor reminds me of soft drinks except there are no calories. It is a little expensive for my wallet so i will look for sales or buy one get one free. And I will see if it helps enough for me to keep the weight off. I will write again on this soon.

Roanoke, VA


Perrier Lime - Sparkling Natural Mineral Water

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