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Perfect Sweep Turbo Cordless Rechargeable Sweeper

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This Rechargeable Sweeper Will Clean Small Areas Fast


The Perfect Sweep Turbo Cordless Rechargeable Sweeper 2880A is good at cleaning small rooms. I like to use it in the bedroom and bathroom the most. It does a great job of picking up crumbs. I use this on my dirty floors and carpets. This sweeper cleans for quite awhile before you have to re-charge it. The brushes on this sweeper help me reach hard places like corners. It does an average job of cleaning up pet hairs. It works better on cat hairs, then dog hairs. It is easy to maneuver because it is lightweight. This sweeper changes into different positions, which makes it easier to use. You can adjust the handle down, so it is easy to do the stairs. I like using it in the office area the most. I use it to clean up small paper particles. It does a fine job of picking up lint. I like using it on small pieces of trash. I like to use it on small rugs that I have in different rooms as well. I don't like how long it takes me to clean and empty it. It is cordless, so I won't trip while using it. I can store this anywhere. It is small and thin, so it is not very durable. The design is simple and cute. I think the price is a little high. I wouldn't recommend this sweeper for big jobs. If you are going to use this for simple cleaning, you will like it.


Stockton, CA


Amazing sweeper with surprising cleaning power and no cords!


When my wife and I received this sweeper as a wedding gift, I have to admit I had my doubts. I didn't think such a small sweeper would get the job done. I was totally wrong. Despite it's size, this sweeper is built so well that it really picks up the dirt. It doesn't use a suction vacuum like most household sweepers, so it operates very quietly when compared to vacuums. The bristles rotate very quickly and thus pick up dirt very easily. I have noticed that it is especially good at picking up hair from the carpet that wasn't even visible. The first time I used the sweeper, the dirt compartment started filling up in just a matter of moments, and I honestly was very pleasantly surprised. The fact that it's cordless and rechargeable is just icing on the cake. There is no power cord to be constantly dragging around and tripping over (or sweeping up). It's very lightweight and easy to maneuver. It really makes sweeping the carpet on the stairs much easier than lugging around a big vacuum or having to use an awkward vacuum hose. While I would rate the lightweight and flexibility as the top features, I do have a complaint about the dirt compartment. When emptying the dirt, it tends to be somewhat messy where you have to dump it in the trash and shake it around a bit. But, I guess that's to be expected in return for zero suction, no cords and no bags. Overall, I love it!




easy to use, great for small daily clean ups


love this, makes short work of spills after dinner, especialy the rice!!!! Maneuverability goes from carpet , to floor, to kitchen rug and back Ease of Maintenance just charge and go. Suction Performance picks up the big stuff, great for the movie popcorn on the carpet Versatility goes from room to room picking up stuff, no matter what type of floor Design hanndle comes off for close use Durability i have had it for about 6 mounths and its still foing strong


Clementon, NJ


Perfect Sweep Turbo Cordless Rechargeable Sweeper

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