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Perfect Pod
Perfect Pod  E-Z Cup for Keurig

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My money saver


The E-Z cup is a nice money saver for the keurig coffee makes. Its really easy to just place it in the kcup spot, unlike other similar products that use more pieces. I really enjoy mixing my own coffees inside the cup to make different flavors. The only drawback is cleaning it can get a little old



Perfect Pod let me customize my coffee experience!


I received my Keurig machine a couple years ago for a Christmas present and fell in love with it, the way it brewed coffee made is some delicious. Within the first couple of days my old drip coffee machine was being donated to Good will. The k-cups were awesome as well but sometimes I found myself wanting a stronger cup of coffee or mixing different flavored coffees, so when the Perfect Perfect Pod E-Z Cup came out I was ecstatic, this pod let me custom blend different coffees as well as make a cup of coffee stronger or weaker depending on the person or the mood I was in. Great Product!!



Coffee Grinds!!


I am a HUGE Keurig fan. Unfortunately, this product was a let down. In theory, this would be a real money saver. In reality, however, the quality of coffee is not nearly as good and there are always coffee grinds in the bottom of my cup. Love my Keurig, I just have to pay for the pods.



Perfect Pod E-Z Cup for Keurig

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