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Perfect Fitness
Perfect Fitness Perfect Pull-up

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Perfect Pullup More Perfect


Although perfection cannot be more perfected, I believe the Perfect Pull-up defies this grammatical rule--and not in a positive way. The Perfect Pullup has been a great addition to my home. I rarely use it now, but when I have in the past, I know it worked. The problem, however, has a lot to do with the product's construction and quality. The handles are made of plastic with no metal in them except for the joint connecting the two parts together. This scares me at times because other reviewers have talked about injuries resulting from falling. So, every time I used them I always checked to make sure everything was sturdy. Construction: The Perfect Pullup is not meant for taller people (I don't have a range, I'm 5'9'' and I have a slight problem with it). Because the handles hang onto the bar, it requires a higher door frame. This may or may not be a fault of my home, but it is clear that The Perfect Pullup is not perfect in the sense that it will be right for everyone who has any door frame at all. Conclusion: "More perfect" may be a reality the Perfect Pullup needs to accept.

Quincy, MA


An awesome addition to a home gym


My roommate had one of these in the doorway between our kitchen and living room.  When he  moved out (and took it with him) I went out and got myself one within 2 days.  While it doesn't exactly go with the decor my fiance picked out for our place, it is nice to have in the doorway, as it is easily accessible (and convenient- I do a few pull ups while waiting for food to finish cooking) .  It does not stick out that much and she doesn't mind it being there.  Set up was a pain, but once it is done it is worth it.... I work a lot, so this is a nice piece of exercise equipment to have in the house (since I don/t have time to hit the gym much at all).  I just use it to do pull ups, but it can be used to do a couple of other isotonic exercises, though not a whole lot more. It is not super versatile, but it is durable.  if you are looking for a simple, affordable piece of equipment to help with upper body strength, than the Perfect Fitness Perfect Pull up is a good option.  I suggest using it in addition to other pieces of equipment though if you are really looking to improve your muscle mass.

Lewistown, PA


Perfect pullup: Once installed, you're good to go!


The perfect pullup is a great addition to a home gym.  I leave mine assembled on the door in my basement and it is great when I just have a short amount of time to strength train.  I was apprehensive at first about how well it would fit my door frame but it easily fit.  I feel safe and sturdy on it but it is not so tight that it damages the door frame. The only con to the perfect pullup was the initial assembly of the equiptment.  Be prepared to sit there for awhile attempting to screw in tiny pieces with a wrench/ screw driver that doesn't easily fit or graasp the pieces.  Assembly was very frustrating and time consuming, the little pieces were not well made.  However, that is a one time frustration.  Now I couldn't be happier with the piece of equiptment.  The pullup bar has numerous  different hand grips so that you can experiment with different or more challenging methods.  It also comes with an informational packet to explain usage.

Travelers Rest, SC


This is a great piece to add to any home gym


I just purchased the Perfect Pull Up System.  It is a great piece that I added to my home gym.  I am able to do just what it says...a perfect pull up.  The drawback for this system is you do have to screw four holes into each side of a door jam.  You can take the bar down so it is not up all the time however, you still have the brackets that are screwed into the door jam there but I definately think it is worth it.  Not only can you do pull ups with this system but it does offer other exercises to do where you can move the bar down at an angle or hanging down and do pull ups while laying down to work out other muscle areas.  I have only had this piece a short time but I really get a good workout from this and can feel it in my muscles.  Right now it is my favorite equipment piece.  I highly recommend it to anyone to add to their home gym it is a great piece and definately sells at a reasonable price. 

Houston, TX


Perfect Fitness Perfect Pull-up

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