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Perdue Buffalo Style Chicken Wings

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I would never buy this product again


Extremely salty and too much bread on them. I bought 10packets to use for a party and when l opened one to eat before the big day nobody could eat them, what a disappointment!!!!!

New York


Not So Delicious, Certainly Nothing I Would Buy Again!


***Bottom Line***: while the package certainly has enough to feed a family of four, I will stick to freshly cooked Buffalo wings, not more frozen for me and mine. I love chicken, any kind of chicken and I think it's safe to state that I could eat chicken for dinner every day.  And it's affordable; certainly more affordable pound, for pound than fish, beef, and pork.  Needless to say we eat a lot of chicken in the Bard household, so the trick is how to prepare it meal after meal (not that we actually have chicken every night).  While shopping a couple of weeks ago at my local Dominick's Fresh Market, ***Perdue Buffalo Style Chicken Wings*** were on sale so I picked up a couple of bags.  ***Perdue Buffalo Style Chicken Wings*** are sold in 2lbs frozen bags.  The wings are fully cooked *"lightly breaded chicken wing sections glazed with Buffalo Style hot sauce."* **My Viewpoint ** I am disappointed in*** Perdue Buffalo Style Chicken Wings.  ***Most of my disappointment has to do with taste, taste, taste; it lacking, probably because of the breading used in the wing pieces.  Despite the claim of *"light breading",* Not!  There is far too much breading on the wings and there is a slight after-taste to the product.  The end result is a wing piece that ends up being 1/3 breading; yuck!  However, with 2 pounds of wings per bag-about 20 wings-***Perdue Buffalo Style Chicken Wings*** will certainly feed a family of four; whether or not they'll be satisfied with the culinary experience is another question.  **Nutritional Information:** One serving (3 wings) of ***Perdue Buffalo Style Chicken Wings*** contains 180 Calories, 11g of fat (including 4 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat), 4mg of Cholesterol, 720mg of Sodium, 4 grams of carbohydrates, 0g of sugar, 14g of protein.

Aurora, IL


Perdue Buffalo Style Chicken Wings

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