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Fever, Pain, Headache
Percogesic Aspirin-Free Pain Relieve/Fever Reducer

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This medication is amazing!


The first time I tried this medication I was so surprised how well it helped deal with my pain. I have had migraines, back pain, and headaches all my life. This medication helps ease the pain a lot. The only thing that sucks is I have a 4 month old and now I breast feed. I really wish they could put something else in it so it wouldnt dry up my breast milk. My mother was the one that introuduced me to this medication. I believe its good for anyone with pain. It helps with a variety of things that helps with you. Id recommend it to anyone suffering with a lot of pain. It also helps with cramps due to PMS. I think it works better than PMS medications like MIDOL. This medication really does work and help. TRUST ME and TRY IT. Im sure you will be satisfied!!. Effectiveness Almost gets rid of the pain all of the time. Sometimes it might not get rid of it but most the time it does get rid of my pain. Immediacy It works great!!


Crystal Springs, MS


Percogesic is GREAT


Most of the women in my family suffer from migraines and many years ago my Mom was down with one when a neighbor brought over her bottle of Percogesic and ever since then none of the women in my family are ever with out it.  Percogesic works better on our migraines then any of the other over the counter medications including those claiming to be for migraines.  We are able to take Percogesic without fear of added medication grogginess or upset stomachs and the majority of tthe times it has saved us trips to the doctors for shots for our migraines.  I am a firm believer in Percogesic and would suggest to anyone with chronic pain/migraines/ headaches.  One of the cons to this product though is that it is hard to come by,  There is only one drug store in the two neighboring towns that carry it.  I would say that it is prices fairly-competive with other over the counter medications.  And when one is suffering from pain of any  kind and they find something that works then I think price isn't such a factor.  I am so impressed how well this otc pain reliever works. 


Wahpeton, ND


Strongest relief you can get without a prescription


I discovered regular strength Percogesic shortly after surgery to remove a brain tumor.  I am allergic to many of the prescription pain medication and tried tylenol by itself with no relief.   My doctor suggested I try regular strength Percogesic and I have never used anything else for pain since.   It is a great product in that it is primarily Tylenol but instead of an antihistimine it adds an adjuvent (phyenyltoloxamine) that makes the Tylenol work better.   It can cause drowsiness so I don't recommend driving or operating dangerous machinery until you know how it affects you.     Best taken before bed because it does help you sleep and wake up pain free, I have used Percogesic after multiple surgeries over the last 8 years.   I have had 36 surgeries, in fact, and never been given or needed anything stronger than the Percogesic.    It's great to go to bed at night and know when I wake up in the morning the chances are very good that the pain will be gone.  I sleep more soundly with the Percogesic which allows my body the deep REM sleep needed for healing.   For the more severe pains I have used the medicine around the clock (with physician approval) for up to a week at  a time.    Percogesic did not cause me any stomach upset like so many painkillers can.  I highly recommend this to my friends who can't find relief with ordinary Over The Counter medicine and will continue to use it. 


Carterville, MO


prescription strength pain reliever you can get over the counter


Percogesic Extra Strength Pain Reliever is like having a prescription pain reliever, only you can find it over the counter. My best friend is a diabetic, and she has neuropathy, so she's in pain most of the time, if not all of the time. I was telling her one day about these problems with pain that I was having in my right knee, and how Advil wasn't working. She told me about Percogesic. At the time you could find it at Wal-Mart, but soon after I began using it they took it off their shelf. I live in a small town and went to our local pharmacy. They had it! I let the pharmacist know that he had to always carry at least two bottles at a time, so I wouldn't have to wait if he had to order it. Don't get me wrong, I'm no druggie, and I don't take it on a daily basis. But when I need it, especially in the cold winter months, I take what I need and don't over do it. Usually my knee bothers me most at night. And you have to be careful cause it can make you drowsy. Me, I take one and I'm okay. But if I take two it definately makes me sleepy. But when I need to sleep and rest pain free at night...it's the best!


Justin, TX


Percogesic Aspirin-Free Pain Relieve/Fever Reducer

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