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Pepcid Ac Tablet Maximum for Relief of Heartburn 50

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Keeps Heartburn Away if You Can Plan Ahead


Does a good job of keeping heartburn away as long as you can take it for a couple of days consecutively before eating those hot wings or other spicy foods. It's a little too expensive for me to take on a daily basis, but I know most likely if there's a football game on Saturday then Thursday or Friday I better take a pill and prepare for the spicy foods that I'm sure to consume. Effectiveness If I already have heartburn it is completely ineffective, but I've learned to take it a few days in advance and keep taking it throughout the day. When taken consecutively for two or three days before eating something spicy, it keeps the heartburn from flaring up and it works sufficiently. Ease of Use It's not always feasible to plan a day or two ahead before consuming anything that would give me heartburn. Since it is available over the counter there's no need to go to the doctor or worry about your prescription running out. It is easily readable. Immediacy If it works immediately for you, count your lucky stars because it does not help me at all if I already have heartburn. I need to take it for a couple of days beforehand and continue to take it everyday including the day I consume something spicy.



Save the day


Pepcid Ac has to be the most effective over-the-counter acid reducer on the market.  It will even take care of the fish taste when you are taking fish oil.  It is a great value for the money.  If you have acid reflux it will save the day for you.

Valley, AL




A very effecitive, powerful medication for those suffering from reflux, also known as GERD to the medical community.  Many things (a lot of them very tasty) exacerbate GERD symptoms namely spicy foods, coffee, tea, chocolate etc by increasing the acid production in your stomach.  If you go to the doctor with the typical complaints of burning stomach pain after enjoying these types of foods, he may tell you that you have GERD, and instruct you to first cut these things out.  However, many of you would find it hard to cut that morning cup of Joe out cold turkey.  I have found that Pepcid Acid Reducer has a very rapid onset of action.  I have found relief within 30 minutes to 1 hour.  It is also very effective to prophylax with this medication. Instead of waiting for the burning grinding pain to begin, you may pop a Pepcid before enjoying that Indian dish--an easy remedy.  Not to mention that this solution won't break the bank.

Manhasset, NY


Pepcid is the only acid reducer that works for me.


Do you suffer from acid reflux? Pepcid is the only product safe to use ! I have tried many other brands, but Pepcid is the only one that works for me, that lasts a full 24 hours.  Drs tell me that stress is one of the causes of acid reflux and everyone these days has stress! The Drs put me on prescription Zantac and Prilosec but they didn't work. I went to the pharmacist who told me the best over the counter medicine to try would be Pepcid. I tried it and was hooked, plus it was cheaper than the prescription.

Gilmer, TX


Not much difference...


I have used this product for the past 2 weeks consecutively. I am currently seven months pregnant and my doctor told me that this was the safest over the counter medicine that I could use aside from chewables. I have to take this OTC medication twice a day, which is my first con. If I forget to take it in the morning, as I do almost every other day, I am feeling acid reflux by the late afternoon and then, by that time, it is too late to take my first dose. So I sometimes only get one dose in a day. When I only get one dose in on those days, then at night, my acid reflux is so bad that I can't sleep for the life of me. On the days that I do remember to take both, I still have to use another acid reducer like tums or rolaids about 50% of the time once or twice a day, usually at night since my acid reflux is worse at night. I am going to ask my dr. for another approach because this medicine just isn't strong enough.

Longview, WA


Works Good for a Fast Fix.


Tried this product due to  constant heart burn, and the fact that I hated the chaulky tablets. They are much better than Rolaids and there is no chewing up of Chaulky tablets. I love these things. I've even gave them to my 16 year old daughter and a friend that refused all medicines due to fear of what they would do to her, she now loves them as well. There are no side affects that I can tell. They work within minutes. I've even used them after getting off of Roller Coaster Rides to settle my stomach back down.

Lebanon, VA


Works Every Time


This is the greatest product. I sometimes think I get heartburn from looking at water. And it goes in spells where I get it severely everyday. Within miunutes I have relief and relief continues for 12 hours. I keep it in my car and in my night stand so it is readily available to get help as quickly as possible. It has really improved the quality of my life.

Palmyra, PA


Pepcid Provides Relief


Pepcid works fast and provides relief for my worst acid indigestion. I do not hesitate to eat things that I know will cause a problem (just can't resist some) as Pepcid will be there to give me the relief I need.

Greenville, PA


Pepcid AC is a let down.


Pepcid AC definitely isn't a cheap medicine, and for the price it should work really really well, but for me this doesn't do anything at all. I took it a few times and the first time I just thought that maybe I didn't give it enough time and maybe it took a little longer than some of the other medicines out there, but after a couple hours I realized that it just didn't work and wasn't going to get rid of my heartburn. This product is not effective and there are definitely better heartburn products out there that will relieve your heartburn really quickly and effectively. I do not recommend Pepcid AC to anyone looking for something to get rid of heartburn effectively. Personally I would recommend Nexium or Prilosec.

Moreland, GA


Pepcid AC Knocks Heartburn Out


I began using Pepcid AC Max Relief while my mother was sick with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy treatments. She use to get heartburn regularly after her treatments, finally having to move on to a doctor prescribed acid/heartburn blocker. I think it was Protonix. In any case, during a particularly bad case of heartburn, I decided to put the tums aside and reach for my mother's Pepcid AC. Whoa, baby...get on that horse and ride. Knocked my heartburn out for the rest of the day. Didn't take effect immediately, took about an hour to kick in, but after that I was able to get on with my day (which at the time was taking care of my ill mother, cancer...full time job and then some. You know what I mean if you've ever had a dear one go through it. The work is nothing, an honor, glad to do it, and is nothing compared to the stress and helplessness of watching your loved one fade in front of your eyes). Alas, I ramble, but, in any event, yes, I would recommend Pepcid AC Max. It works well for me, might be different for you, but, hey, it's worth a shot. If it doesn't work for you, you can always move on to something else. If it does, giddyup...you'll be one relieved hombre. Or hombress(?). One tablet for me works all day.

New Lisbon, WI


Pepcid Ac Tablet Maximum for Relief of Heartburn 50

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