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Pentax - Optio Z10

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I have tried 3 or 4 different cameras to get the right digital camera - I wanted nice zoom, and clear pictures - with red eye reduction, anti-shake, and great lighting adjustments.  I wanted something easily automatic, but I wanted to be able to make some manual adjustments.  This camera really does all of that!  I LOVE how the lens doesn't stick out when you zoom!  It is perhaps not the most expensively constructed, but definitely not as cheaply made as most around its price range.  Colors with this camera turned out better then all other 4 that I tried, and the battery goes for quite a while without needing charged.  I LOVE the rechargeable battery!  I have a memory card, and am able to take quite a few pictures.  The compact size is perfect!  The only downfall is not being able to take VERY close up shots, like flower parts and jewelry, but all other shots are GREAT!!  Even moving ones!  I didn't think it took very long to wait from one shot to another.  I definitely recommend this one.  Look no further.

Alexandria, OH


Mostly Good


This is a nice little camera with 8 mega-pixels and lots of customizable settings. My only complaint is that it is easy to accidentally switch the camera off: It has a sliding cover for the lens that also acts as the on/off switch and if you put your fingers against the plate with just a bit of pressure, the camera flips off for a moment.

American Fork, UT


Pentax - Optio Z10

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