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Pentax - Optio M50 Digital Camera

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Great lens and great camera


I've always liked the Optio line of cameras. Pentax uses top quality lenses for them, ensuring that you get crisp, clear images that look good even when blown up. The camera has a moderate set of features, and they are laid out in an easy to use interface. If you are looking for advanced features, this camera is not for you. One thing I love about Optios is that they are extremely durable. Mine got wet a couple times and kept working (though you should always try to keep it dry). It also took a few nasty drops and kept working. The only thing that ultimately stopped it was when I lost it on a trip to California. I think it was stolen from my hotel room, actually, which was really frustrating. But I bought a new Optio, because they're that good.

Alpine, UT


easiest camera i have ever used.


My husband bought me this camera after my sony one was dunked in the toilet by my three year old. I was unsure of it at first because i was always one to go for what i thought was a well known brand. I tried the camera and went and had some pictures printed off and was floored they came out so well. the camera had more megapixals than my last camera and was so much clearer with the pictures. its not only smaller and more comfortable to take with me, it has my oldest daughter always trying to take it lol. Santa just might have to bring her one this year!

Marion, SC


Good value for a great little digital camera!


When I was in the market for a digital camera, of course my first requirement was that it was reasonably priced.  Secondly, I wanted something that took good pictures.  Finally, I wanted something that was durable and had lots of options so that I could learn to take better photos. I did some research, and it lead me to the Pentax Optio M50 digital camera.  I bought the pink one and have not been disappointed in it!  I got a super deal off of an online store.  I am not tech savvy at all but have had to try and teach myself a little about stuff like that in the past five years out of necessity. This little thing was pretty easy to install the software for (which, by the way, is awesome.  The photo managing software that comes with it is one of the best I've used).  Also, it is fairly easy to take a basic picture.  It's only when you want to play around and crop, edit, take fancy pictures etc. that it becomes more complicated.  I'm sure if you have used stuff like this before you would find it easy to do, but for me it's been difficult and I've had to focus on one thing at a time (ex:  learning to use the video camera function).  But I'm chugging along slowly but surely, and the only complaint I have is that the camera would only let you hold a few pictures in its memory, so I had to buy a camera card (but that was a very cheap purchase, so I'm not complaining.  Now I've got 600+ pictures stored on the camera). Very satisfied with this product and would recommend it if you are in the market for one. 

Spartanburg, SC


Pentax - Optio M50 Digital Camera

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