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Pentax - Optio 60

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easy to use, with great options and excellent photo quality.


My husband bought me this camera after many yrs. of buying disposable cameras.  I take pic. of everything, every event and every memory must be cateloged with a pic....lol  I have 2 small children and one on the way so i am always snapping up pic of them.  this camera has come in very handy and like i said it takes excellent pic and is very easy to use.  this camera also has many diffrent options such as black and white and sephia...plus i can resize my photos and change them in any concevable way.  this camera is so easy to use that even my 5 yr old can take pic with it.

Elizabethtown, KY


My Pentax-Optio has been really great, takes some great pictures


This is my third Pentax, only reason I have purchased so many is my 4 year old likes to drop them (repeatedly..not just once).  I finally bought a hard case and expect this camera to have a long life. I went to Hawaii and got some great close up's of the flora and fauna

Tooele, UT


I absolutely love this camera...


I've had this camera for quite a few years now.  I did have to replace it a few times because it jammed, but the warranty covered that and I received a new camera each time.  The picture quality is amazing for such a little camera.  I even have ariels from 30,000 feet that are really good Enoy!

Edinboro, PA


Pentax - Optio 60

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