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Pentax - K-x Digital Camera

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The DSLR you can get without breaking your bank


This is my first DLSR and I bought this one almost six months back. This is camera very user friendly and price is competitive. I bought my K-x along with 18-55mm and 55-300mm lenses for USD 600. Pentax offers better in-body image stabilization than its peers in the same price range. This I'm feeling while taking the long shots. The Pentax K-x offers compact but solid and ergonomics body. And of course excellent image quality is excellent. I can feel Pentax K-x right in my hand with all the controls at right places and easily reachable. The weight of the camera with 18-55mm lens is just perfect for a stead long shot. This camera is just wonderful towards noise reduction in high ISO. Few days back I have updated the firmware version to improve the AF settings. Pentax is a good choice as it offers backward compatibility with all of the older lenses Pentax ever made. That's saved me a lot as I have picked up a few prime manual focus lenses which were very cheap in secondhand market.




Great entry level DSLR


I have owned the pentax Kx for about 2 years now and I love the thing. This is my first DSLR camera, and the reason I decided to buy one was just to be able to fiddle with more controls. I am not a photographer or anything, I just like to take pictures of family and travels. This camera is great because it is small enough to take just about anywhere. I don't usually take it to parties or anything like that unless someone really wants pictures of the event because it is large enough to be annoying when I am relaxing and having a good time. The photo quality is excellent, and it has been a great learning experience for me to learn how to take pictures when the camera allows me so much control over what to do. Also, pentax cameras seem to be a better price option compared to the other brands out there. So I definitely recommend this camera if you are considering getting your first DSLR


Portage, IN


My Pentax Kx is the best low price DSLR on the market!


I received my Pentax Kx DSLR camera as a gift from my husband and I was just thrilled to open the box.  I have really become interested in photography lately, and I was told that this was one of the best beginner DSLR cameras on the market today.  I agree wholeheartedly.  First of all, the price is amazing for what this camera is capable of.  I knew I would have to spend some money to get a high quality DSLR camera, but I don't feel like we broke the bank purchasing this one.  It is lightweight, so it is easy for me to tote around.  It's a compact camera, but not to the point where I feel like I don't have a good grip on it when I am trying to capture photos.  I love that it is trendy and offers many different color options, although this may be my one true complaint with the Pentax Kx.  My husband purchased the red camera for me, and quite often I have people comment on my cute "pink" camera.  I just wish it was more of a true red, versus the lighter red color that it is.  Other than that, I am thrilled with my Pentax Kx and look forward to capturing many great moments with it in the future. 


O Fallon, MO


Awesome entry DSLR camera


The one thing I have to say about this camera is how easy it is to use. This is my first DSLR camera and I have to say I was quite nervous on how I'd use this camera considering how much I paid for it... The camera has a lot of features that other DSLR cameras in this price range doesn't include, in-body lens stabilization was the biggest one for me. Also the sensor they use in this camera produce quality that is found in the "next step up" DSLR cameras. So far the biggest quality I like from this camera is the low low noise at high ISOs. I've been shooting at 800-1600 ISO will barely any noticeable noise in the images which allows me to take brighter pictures in low light conditions. Another thing I like is the battery system. It allows you to use AA batteries BUT includes their own rectangle rechargeable battery that can fit in the battery slot. So if I'm ever in a situation where I have no more power coming from the provided rechargeable battery, I can easily run to the nearest store and pick up some AA. :) Overall I love this camera and am still learning how to take great photos (only took like 3 great photos out of 200 shots). :P


Seattle, WA


Really fabulous camera


I knew nothing about fancy cameras when I bought this Pentax in white.  I was nervous about the color when I ordered it, but in person it's lovely.  They should really take some better pictures of their own camera to show off the pearly white color better.  It's not as garish as it looks on those online stock photos.  The camera is really simple to use for an entry level user (me) and takes wonderful pictures without me even really knowing what I'm doing yet.  We have taken photos of fast flying nectar bats in the dark of night and gotten great shots even though it was challenging.  Sometimes I don't even need the flash - it's too much light, even in low light.  I have tried different settings, and sometimes the less I fool around with it the better.  It takes wonderful shots in low light, the leses are easy to change, the strap is sturdy, and nothing feels cheesy on it.  The white color is classy and fun.  I can't say enough good things about this camera.  I've been really happy with it. 


Tucson, AZ


Amazing Camera


I received this camera as a gift for Christmas, and I must say that it was the best gift that I have received in a long while. The outside of the camera is seems to be very durable and well made. The paint seems like it might chip easily, however, this is a minor detail. The pictures are amazing. The camera has various filters built in which creates a fun and creative experience for the user. The price on the camera is fairly inexpensive for the quality of the product. This is one of the least expensive DSLRs that I found for the amount of features that it offers the buyer. The one thing that I do not like is the flash. It is not always accurately used when the camera is set on auto. Again, a very minor detail. I have the camera in red and absolutely love it. I would recommend this camera to anyone looking for a DLSR. Anyone  who is looking to buy a camera, I urge them to take a look at the Pentak K-x. With its variety of colors, the camera is sure to please everyone. 


Leechburg, PA


Love my Pentax


This is my first dslr camera and I must say I am impressed. It is super simple to use. It is also great for expert camera lovers too, with all of the extra options it has. I do love the fact that it still works with all the previos pentax lenses. Great camera, great price, all around a must have dslr camera.


Norfolk, NE




This camera is feature packed and has way better specs than most cameras in its class. If you do a side by side comparison you will see that the K-x is clearly the best choice. And it comes is many fun colors! 


Glendale, CA


Pentax K-x great for beginners


I purchased this camera because my little point and shoot was missing out on so many of my son's first moments with its slow shutter speed. With the Pentax K-x I no longer have this problem. I have read the manual and know that it has a lot of awesome features, many that I am still figuring out. I recently took this camera on our family vacation to Disney World. When you take pictures with the characters there is also a professional taking pictures. While taking pictures of my son and one of the characters the professional photographer was asking me about my camera and said that it had good strong shutter sounds. I can not go in to the specifics of the camera because I still use it more like a point and shoot, but I have taken some amazing pictures and traveled to 3 countries with it. It is lightweight, portable, and has many quality accessories. I purchased the bundle with the 18-55mm lens and the 55-300mm. The only thing I still need to purchase is a better flash. This camera is a great value for such great quality.


Pulaski, PA


Great for professionals or soccer moms


I am a diehard Pentax lover, currently owning three cameras from the brand, one which includes a K-x.  The K-x is great for people first learning on how to use a dslr camera, with it's slogan as, "break all the rules," it does just that with body colors ranging from white to neon green, which looks pretty dandy compared to the usual black body. As far as the camera's functioning, you have the options of different modes, the usual  auto picture, or manual mode, and so on like night, or action, whatever you need/want at the moment.  The camera is fairly easy to use on a basic level which is ideal for either new learners or soccer moms who want high quality photos.  Photos come out clean and crisp almost every time, (if they are not coming out right your room could be too dark or your hands are shaking) and the color of the photos are nice are soft along with a sharp focus. Another great quality to this camera, along with all Pentax camera's, is that all Pentax lenses will fit into the body of the K-x.


Deer Park, TX


Pentax - K-x Digital Camera

4.9 10