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Pentagon Federal Credit Union - Visa Platinum Gas Cash Reward

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Pentagon Federal Credit Union- Visa Platinum Gas Cash Reward


We use this card to purchase all of our gas. We get 5% back for all gas purchases. We use other credit cards for other purchases, but occasionally use this card. They give 2% back on grocery store purchases and 1.25% on just about everything else. There are a lot of store cards that will give you 5% back, or 5 cents off a gallon if you use their card, but we don't like to carry around a lot of cards so this is card is perfect! We pay the balance off each month so we don't have to pay any interest fees. You are supposed to be a part of the Military to get this card. My husband's father was in the army so he applied for the card through him and didn't have any trouble getting the card. Customer Service Customer service is great and always very helpful. Available Rates I don't pay much attention to the interest rate as we always pay off our balance each month. I am sure there are credit cards out there with lower interest rates, but as long as you pay off your balance each month then this card is the best one to have with the 5% cash back on gas purchases.



One of the BEST cards available


As previous review outlined, this card pays an awesome 5% cash back on gas at the pump.  Its 2% cash back on groceries and 1.25% back on everything else is also better than most cards currently available. Even the 13.99% APY is a great rate for those who carry a balance, and their balance transfers are only 2.99% for the life of the balance!  My boyfriend wanted to consolidate his loans with this wonderful rate, but unfortunate he was declined (perhaps because he asked for too much credit).  I, however, asked for and received a generous limit of 10k. You have to become a member of PFCU by putting $5 in a share savings account that accrues interest, which I don't think should be a problem for anyone.  Although you are supposed to be somehow affiliated with either the government or military, they are not tight about it.  My boyfriend used to be in the Navy so I put down his name as my roommate and that's all it took.  There wasn't any verification necessary.

Houston, TX


5 % back on gas paid at the pump!


The Pentagon Federal Credit Union (practically anyone can join) issues several Visa cards, but the Visa PlatinumGas Cash Reward is my favorite.  I get 5% back each month on gas paid at the pump (that's 20 cents a gallon!), 2% back on supermarket purches, and 1.25 percent back on everything else! No annual fee. The APR is 13.99%, but that's not a problem when paid in full each month. PFCU is the second-largest credit union in the world and it offers many serrvices, as well as nice high rates on CD's. And practically anyone can join. Google for the URL and click on "How to Join."

Alexandria, VA


Pentagon Federal Credit Union - Visa Platinum Gas Cash Reward

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