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Penrose Red Hot Sausage

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Some like it hot with artifical colors. I love Penrose sausages.


I've always had a passion for Penrose Red Hot Sausages. They are little weiner like sausages with some chicken added and packed in vinegar with a light pickled taste. They are red like southern pickled eggs - yep - that kind of red. And, boy do they taste good. I buy Penrose when I'm making a mixed platter for parties. There are always a few Penrose junkies in every crowd. Every now and then, I buy a jar and eat them myself. They go great with beer I must say. Needless to say, these are not in the health food category. I usually put them with cheese and olives for those who are living large. Then, I'll do a tray with veggies or fruit. A little something for everyone. If you like spicy foods and have not tried Penrose sausages, then look in the canned meat section. They are usually near the canned dried beef, tuna and so on. You just open the jar, spear a sausage and munch. Can't get easier than that.

southern, NC


Penrose Red Hot Sausage

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